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Download Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti PDF Free

When Whitney Barbetti, aged 24, was diagnosed with cancer at a young age and told. She had an uncertain amount of time left to live. She decided to stop putting off the things she wanted to do. In Ten Below Zero, Barbetti recounts the list of items on her bucket list. Which includes (but is not limited to) skydiving, visiting Paris, and volunteering abroad. After all, what’s the point of being able to cross something off your bucket list if you never make it that far?

Overview About “Ten Below Zero” by “Whitney Barbetti”

When her best friend’s baby is kidnapped and a teacher is killed in a local school. FBI agent Noelle Colt works around the clock to find him. As she draws closer to finding out who took Noah. And why she realizes that he is more than just a missing child. He may hold answers about God’s greatest mysteries. Where we came from and why we’re here. But as Noelle gets closer to unraveling Noah’s secrets, she puts herself in danger of losing everything she knows. With its breathtaking prose and powerful message, Ten Below Zero will make you consider what it means to have faith…and whether or not you would give your life for it.

Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti Chapter 1
Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti Chapter 1

Reviews About “Ten Below Zero” by “Whitney Barbetti”

Ten Below Zero has been getting a lot of positive buzzes and I was happy to pick it up. It’s a great story with smart writing, excellent world-building, and wonderful characters. No wonder it won an award! The first half of Ten Below Zero reads like a futuristic Lord of the Flies meets The Hunger Games, which is some high praise indeed. When we finally get to Eden things slow down for a while as our heroine sorts out her feelings for both Nate and Ethan. But not for long—the action picks up again with no time to catch your breath before Ten Takes off at full speed toward its exciting conclusion.

Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti Chapter 2
Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti Chapter 2

About “Whitney Barbetti” the author of “Ten Below Zero”

Whitney Barbetti is a former English teacher who left education to pursue her love of writing. She lives in Ohio with her husband and three young children, who inspire many of her books. She spends much of her time drinking too much coffee, playing video games, and watching way too much television. Ten Below Zero is her first novel.

Download Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti PDF

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