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Her Dying Breath by Rita Herron PDF Download Free

Her Dying Breath by Rita Herron PDF Download Free here. The bestselling author of Once Gone returns with another gripping tale of murder and suspense in this second book in the Mary O’Reilly mystery series—just in time for the summer reading season! When Mary O’Reilly attends an ex-cop’s funeral, she never expects that his death will come back to haunt her only hours later when she witnesses a shocking crime in action. A young woman has been murdered, and the victim’s dying breaths are snatched from her as she chokes on her own blood the murderer tries to silence her forever—but he fails, thanks to Mary’s intervention.

Overview About “Her Dying Breath” by “Rita Herron”

She always heard it in her mind, sometimes more than once a day. His voice was sometimes soft, gentle, and almost friendly. Other times it was harsh and angry. When she first got out of rehab for alcohol abuse, she kept thinking about him day after day after day even though he had not been in her life for years. She felt compelled to search for his name on her computer, which led to every other place that she could find on the internet to look up information about him or his wife. She stumbled across articles talking about his arrest for burglary and how he shot at police officers during a high-speed chase. It all seemed so surreal but then again it also seemed like something that might be true given what she knew about him before going into rehab… even though most of those memories were fuzzy from being drunk. But one thing that did stand out clear as day was when he told her one night when they were sitting outside watching lightning bugs fly around in their front yard.

Her Dying Breath by Rita Herron Chapter 1
Her Dying Breath by Rita Herron Chapter 1

I love you just like my mother loved me. How could anyone say such a thing? Why would anyone say such a thing? Then there were the nights when she would see herself in his eyes and hear his voice saying, If I can’t have you, no one will. Those words became imprinted upon her soul long ago when they were first spoken to her many years ago while they were still dating. In those days they seemed like sweet words coming from someone who truly loved her with all of his heart.


Review About “Her Dying Breath” by “Rita Herron”

To learn how to review a book, watch for our next post. You will learn about the most important elements to include in your review. Reviewing is one of my favorite things to do and I can’t wait to share some tips with you on how to make yours better. In addition, we’ll be posting an interview with award-winning author Kate Carlisle about her latest book in her Bibliophile Mystery series that comes out on June 25th! Look for it on Tuesday. Watch for it! For now, read through these steps and write down what you think would be helpful to include in your review. Then come back later and see if any of them were helpful. Let me know what you think! And good luck writing your first review!

Her Dying Breath by Rita Herron Chapter 2
Her Dying Breath by Rita Herron Chapter 2

Pairing/Recommendation: If there’s anything I like more than reading a great mystery novel, it’s pairing it with another great book or beverage that fits perfectly into the mood or atmosphere of what I’m reading. The same goes for music too–I love picking songs that fit perfectly into each scene while I’m reading (which may or may not result in me being known as that girl who’s always singing when I’m around friends). What kind of drink would pair well with Her Dying Breath?


About “Rita Herron” the author of “Her Dying Breath”

I love to read and write. I’ve been doing both for as long as I can remember, says author Rita Herron. She loves all genres, but her passion lies in mystery, suspense, and romance. A reviewer from Midwest Book Review called her novel, Oceans Apart (BK1 James McClain), a highly recommended romantic suspense debut. The Unfinished Gift (BK2 James McClain) is a fast-paced thriller that kept me reading until late into the night… Readers of romantic suspense will enjoy reading her books with their plots that include twists and turns right up to their thrilling endings.

Her Dying Breath by Rita Herron PDF Download

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