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Half a Heart by Karen McQuestion PDF Download Free

Half a Heart, the second book in Karen McQuestion’s Half-Lives series, picks up six months after Where Are You Now? ended and tells the story of Reid Parker and his daughter Jade’s search for answers following the death of Jade’s mother and Reid’s ex-wife. When they arrive at the house in Toms River, New Jersey that Jade used to call home. They find more questions than answers as they meet Zoey and Logan, her new best friends.

Overview About “Half a Heart” by “Karen McQuestion”

Karen McQuestion’s third book, Half a Heart, is about to be released! In preparation for its release, she has started her website where you can visit and learn more about her books. Since she also writes as Kacey Hammell and has published three other books in that series. You can click here to find out more about those books as well. And You can find out much more information on Karen’s website including where you can buy your copy of Half a Heart. You can also read an excerpt from that book on her site and decide if it sounds like something you might want to read yourself! When you’re done exploring her site, don’t forget to subscribe. So that you’ll be updated when she publishes something new or promotes one of her older works!

Half a Heart by Karen McQuestion Chapter 1
Half a Heart by Karen McQuestion Chapter 1

Reviews About “Half a Heart” by “Karen McQuestion”

Half a Heart is an incredibly poignant story about love, death, and friendship. It’s fast-paced and moving; I found myself devouring page after page with excitement. From reading different reviews of readers on Goodreads, it’s pretty clear that everyone comes away from it with something completely different. Some people see little or no romance at all. While others see a love story that slowly unfolds between two very unlikely characters. You might find yourself thinking more deeply about life and death when you’re done; while others say they were unable to stop turning pages until they finished.

Half a Heart by Karen McQuestion Chapter 2
Half a Heart by Karen McQuestion Chapter 2

About “Karen McQuestion” the author of “Half a Heart” 

Karen lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband, Ken, and daughter, Charlie. She loves to read, cook, garden, and spend time with her family. She hopes to find more time for all these things as she spends more time doing what she loves to do…write! Her novel: Half a Heart was released on June 14th, 2017. This is her first venture into writing fiction but has always wanted to write. It was only a matter of time before she gave it a try. When not writing or reading you can find Karen watching baseball or spending some quiet moments with friends and family.

Half a Heart by Karen McQuestion PDF Download

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