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Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts ePub Download Free

Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts was a truly exciting book to read! Gabriel himself was very nice and thoughtful, but he was also damaged by something that happened in his past. To top it off, he didn’t really know how to deal with the situations that were happening now in his present life. I liked how much Gabriel loved his sister, and he even went so far as to get married just so she would have her life back after her husband died. I liked Evangeline as well, but I felt that she got into too many situations on her own – and then expected Gabriel to rescue her!

Overview About “Gabriel’s Angel” by “Nora Roberts”

Gabriel’s Angel is a compilation of stories and it includes three different novellas. These are The Perfect Rake, Lord Carew Tempted, and Mrs. Malory s Protector. You get to see some of your favorite characters in these novellas, which makes them even more fun to read. Some of them take place long before Callie or Cade existed; others tie in with book 8 (Lord Carew’s Bride) and book 9 (Forged by Desire). So it will be nice if you reread those books before reading Gabriel s Angel so that you can have a bigger picture! I really enjoyed all three novellas. Each one was well written and had its own unique storyline.

Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts Chapter 1
Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts Chapter 1

Review About “Gabriel’s Angel” by “Nora Roberts”

Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts is a romance novel that shows how a single mother and her daughter are brought together with a widower, who is also a man with his own issues. The characters in Gabriel’s Angel do not have perfect lives and make mistakes, but you will still want to cheer for them because their efforts towards their family and love is true. Gabriel’s Angel isn’t just about developing feelings for another person; it’s about finding yourself as well. If you’re into inspirational romances or stories of second chances, then check out Gabriel’s Angel. You won’t be disappointed. The story takes place over several years. Lily Atwood, an artist from San Francisco, travels to Ireland to paint landscapes for an art show. She is accompanied by her eleven-year-old daughter Eliza, whom she adopted from China when she was five months old.

Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts Chapter 2
Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts Chapter 2

About “Nora Roberts” the author of “Gabriel’s Angel”

Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, she is known for her prolific and highly successful career as a romance novelist. She has over 200 novels published under several pen names. Her books have sold over 700 million copies and are available in almost 50 languages across more than 150 countries. She was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame in 2009.

Gabriel’s Angel by Nora Roberts ePub Download

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