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Fallen Pride by Wayne Stinnett ePub Download Free

If you’re looking for an adventure, romance, and something to take your mind off of things then you need to read Fallen Pride by Wayne Stinnett. It takes you from the beginning of the book where there’s some action at the very beginning and it doesn’t stop until the end of the book where it just drops off and leaves you wondering about what happens next in this epic novel that was unlike any other I’ve ever read in my life. If you like adventure and action then this book is definitely for you!

Overview About Fallen Pride by Wayne Stinnett

Fallen Pride is written by Wayne Stinnett. This is his first book, but he has written two more since then. This series of books is called The Fallen Ones. They are all filled with action and romance in a dystopian world that started as ours. The story takes place in 2028 and takes on board very real scientific possibilities for things to happen in our near future. It also gives you a great view into what would happen if there was an apocalypse, even showing you life after it has happened; how society regains order, rebuilds cities,s and continues life once again for humanity as we know it today.

Fallen Pride by Wayne Stinnett Chapter 1
Fallen Pride by Wayne Stinnett Chapter 1

Reviews About Fallen Pride by Wayne Stinnett

I picked up Fallen Pride while browsing a local bookstore. I had not heard of Wayne Stinnett or his book, but after reading several pages I was hooked. The story is a coming-of-age epic set in 1970s Texas about two brothers, Travis and Cletus Harper. One brother is handicapped with cerebral palsy and is incapable of communicating verbally; Travis does all his talking for him, giving everyone around them an opportunity to see just how cruel people can be. He is consistently picked on at school because he speaks for his brother; he learns from adults that no one wants to hear from that retard but finds some solace in writing stories.

Fallen Pride by Wayne Stinnett Chapter 2
Fallen Pride by Wayne Stinnett Chapter 2

About Wayne Stinnett the author of Fallen Pride 

Wayne has always loved to write. From childhood, his written word enabled him to imagine all sorts of adventures, and he was hooked when those imaginings were allowed to become reality within a story. Wayne is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, boating, and shooting sports; a lifestyle that inspires much of his writing. He graduated from Indiana University in 1985 with degrees in accounting and computer information systems. His love for writing continued throughout college where he wrote for both school newspapers as well as science fiction magazines.

Fallen Pride by Wayne Stinnett ePub Download

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