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Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson ePub Download Free

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson explores the concept of space colonization. Which takes place in the 2080s, following an apocalyptic event that forced humanity to return to Earth. The novel focuses on the lives of Kane and Emerson, siblings who are sent up into space on an isolated mission with no contact with the earth. The novel follows their experience during their time in space. As well as their experiences after they return home to earth. Space travel and exploration have long been discussed as a possible solution to humanity’s environmental concerns. But few have written about this topic with the detail provided by Kim Stanley Robinson in his novel Aurora.

Overview About “Aurora” by “Kim Stanley Robinson”

Aurora is a novel by American writer Kim Stanley Robinson, published in 1997. The novel chronicles humanity’s first journey to another star system. And was nominated for both a Hugo Award and a Nebula Award. It was followed in 2013 by 2312, which continues many of its themes, particularly that of an egalitarian society. Aurora follows three main characters through an epic set of adventures as they try to stop the all-out war between factions on their starship Aurora. The crew struggles with issues including sexual equality, artificial intelligence, and their shipboard lives.

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson Chapter 1
Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson Chapter 1

Reviews About “Aurora” by “Kim Stanley Robinson”

If you are yet to discover Kim Stanley Robinson’s work, Aurora is an excellent place to start. And if you haven’t read his Mars trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars), then there are certainly worse places to continue. This is classic science fiction at its very best: broad in scope, epic in ambition, and far from short on ideas. Everything that happens in Aurora will feel familiar; everything will ring true to what we know about human behavior and society as a whole. And that’s where part of its power lies; for our response will be how it will go down with others – how does it speak to our conscience?

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson Chapter 2
Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson Chapter 2

About “Kim Stanley Robinson” the author of “Aurora” 

Robinson is one of science fiction’s preeminent authors. He has won both Hugo and Nebula Awards for his novels, which include Green Mars, The Years of Rice and Salt, 2312, Aurora, and Antarctica. His latest novel is New York 2140. In addition to his fiction writing, he also lectures at MIT on space exploration.

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson ePub Download

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