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Black Order by James Rollins ePub Download Free

James Rollins, born James Paul Czajkowski (born May 13, 1962) is an American author of thriller fiction and non-fiction books. His novels are published in 38 languages and in more than 80 countries.[2] As of March 2017, 14 of his titles have reached The New York Times Best Seller list,[3] including 11 straight No.

Overview About “Black Order” by “James Rollins”

Black Order is an amazing book written by author James Rolston. The story of his journey throughout Africa continues with a promise from a co-worker to take him on a safari. Several years prior, that same friend made a promise to show Gray how to hunt for antiquities in Egypt. Since then, Gray has lost touch with his friend and can’t find any information about him. When he receives word that his friend has died in Kenya, Gray takes matters into his own hands and plans to do some hunting on his own while learning more about what happened to make sure it won’t happen again. He heads off to Africa and picks up his research where he left off as well as searches for clues regarding his missing friend. As always, Rollins manages to combine incredible storytelling with fascinating descriptions of history along with thrilling suspenseful action scenes.

Black Order by James Rollins Chapter 1
Black Order by James Rollins Chapter 1

Review About “Black Order” by “James Rollins”

I read some of his books before, and I knew that he was good. He writes page-turning thrillers that combine mystery with science, fiction with fact. Black Order is no different; it’s riveting and fascinating, but what I love most about it is how it’s a story told through many different voices–from field notes of archaeologists to fragments of a journal written in Latin to pages ripped from an academic history book. If you like action-packed mysteries and stories told through multiple perspectives, Black Order is definitely for you! It doesn’t disappoint!

Black Order by James Rollins Chapter 2

About “James Rollins” the author of “Black Order”

James. A. Rollins is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, with more than 10 million books in print worldwide and translations licensed to more than 35 languages. His action thrillers are published in 26 countries and 22 languages, with over 3 million copies sold. He has been called one of today’s most popular adventure writers by Booklist magazine, and Publishers Weekly hailed him as one of those rare authors who can write serious action-adventure while also exploring deeper questions of good versus evil. He has visited all seven continents, including scaling Mount Everest.

Black Order by James Rollins ePub Download

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