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Marker by Robin Cook ePub Download Free

During the course of his long and illustrious career, Robin Cook has written some of the best medical thrillers ever to grace the pages of our bookshelves. Some of his most famous include Coma and Suspicious Minds. But one which deserves special attention is Marker, which remains one of his greatest novels. What makes it unique amongst its fellow thrillers lies in its action-packed plotline and plethora of high-quality characters that add depth to this masterpiece and make it worthy of reading by any fan of Cook or medical fiction alike.

Overview About “Marker” by “Robin Cook”

Marker (Robin Cook) pdf download free is a medical thriller novel. It is about a young doctor who gets involved in a sinister conspiracy. The story starts with the unexpected death of Dr. John Hardin, who was also an old friend of Dr. Jeffery Winger, another protagonist of the story. Winger finds out that Hardin had been murdered and decides to investigate further into his death. He learns that he was killed using the marker – a device that injects a lethal drug directly into someone’s heart while they are sleeping. As he digs deeper, he discovers that there is more to Hardin’s death than meets the eye. And he becomes increasingly worried for his own safety as well as that of his wife and child…

Marker by Robin Cook Prologue
Marker by Robin Cook Prologue

Reviews About “Marker” by “Robin Cook”

As soon as I started to read Marker I was impressed with how many medical references there were throughout, it really makes you believe that a doctor has written it. The story seems very plausible and his wife’s illness is quite realistic, someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s could become angry or abusive at any moment. The book also tackles some ethical dilemmas facing doctors and hospitals in today’s society such as end-of-life care and organ donation. It also made me wonder if they had these issues back in 2001 when it was first published? Would they still exist now? It is not an easy subject to write about but he has done a great job! A must-read for anyone looking for something different from their usual crime thrillers!

About “Robin Cook” the author of “Marker” 

Robin Cook (1939–2003) was an American writer who worked mainly in the fields of medical thrillers and mystery/crime fiction. One of his most famous books is Coma, about a hospital’s comatose patients being murdered one by one. He also wrote other bestsellers such as Outbreak and Fever. After earning his B.A., M.D., and M.P.H degrees at Harvard University, he completed a residency in pediatrics at Boston City Hospital and then practiced pediatrics before becoming a full-time writer.

Marker by Robin Cook ePub Download

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