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The Maid’s War by Jeff Wheeler ePub Download Free

The Maid’s War by Jeff Wheeler pdf download free Alexi Vole and her husband, Henry, are the only maid and butler of the Conte di Savona, though they make their home in the hills outside his castle in Montalcino. The land is at war, and Conte has hired mercenaries to protect his home and lands while he is away fighting. But the mercenaries are under orders to kill anyone who goes near the castle. So Alexi must find another way to protect Henry from them. When he returns wounded from battle. if he returns at all.

Overview About “The Maid’s War” by “Jeff Wheeler”

A classic fantasy, The Maid’s War is a story of two kingdoms at war over mystical artifacts that may be sources of limitless power. In their desire to possess these items, they ignore an ancient and powerful warning not to disturb them. But it is too late; a hidden army has been awakened, and all that stands between it and unbridled power are six maidens fighting for their lives. Once thought lost, these six maidens have been summoned from another time. They have no idea where they are or how they got there. They only know that if they can’t learn to work together as one cohesive unit against a seemingly unstoppable enemy…all hope is truly lost. It won second place in the magazine’s short fiction contest that year. 

The Maid’s War by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 1
The Maid’s War by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 1

Review About “The Maid’s War” by “Jeff Wheeler”

This epic fantasy trilogy is perfect for fans of George R.R. Martin and Brandon Sanderson. In a world where women are in charge, men are held as property—and power comes at a high price. As children, Regan and Owen were inseparable until an ancient evil tore them apart. Now fate has brought them together again…but will their friendship survive? And who is Carlie? She seems to know more about magic than she should. With her help, Regan and Owen begin to unravel a conspiracy that could bring down the entire kingdom. But with every step forward, they take two steps back—because someone doesn’t want them to learn the truth.

The Maid’s War by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 2
The Maid’s War by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 2

About “Jeff Wheeler” the author of “The Maid’s War”

Jeff Wheeler is a New York Times and the USA Today bestselling author who lives in Racine, Wisconsin. Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, he graduated from Penn State University with a degree in education. He spent more than 20 years as an educator and administrator. He retired in 2007 to focus on his day job as a writer. This led to much confusion among his family and friends who wondered why someone would retire before they were old enough to collect Social Security! When he isn’t writing or watching college football, he likes long walks along the Mississippi River where he stares at boats passing by and contemplates plots for his next novel…which isn’t getting written because he’s taking so many long walks along scenic rivers!

The Maid’s War by Jeff Wheeler ePub Download

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