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The King’s Traitor by Jeff Wheeler ePub Download Free

The King’s Traitor by Jeff Wheeler pdf download free has made it to our shortlist of the most exciting new releases this month. So you’ll be happy to hear we have plenty of copies available. Make sure to grab your copy before they are all gone! We are certain that you will thoroughly enjoy this book, and want to help you get started right away! Don’t delay any longer, read today!

Overview About “The King’s Traitor” by “Jeff Wheeler”

In an alternate version of England where magic is real, powerful Adepts rule, and all others bow before them. However, even with their seemingly limitless powers, most Adepts are too blind to see that they have brought down upon themselves a force more terrible than any war: They have enslaved mankind’s very soul. Gifted young Adept Merrick Tremayne has come to realize he may be one of only a few who can still save England from its deadly fate. But there is no time to lose in his quest to confront those responsible for all of England’s woe. The corrupt Council has ruled the island nation with an iron fist for centuries. He must find and recruit others like him who are willing to sacrifice everything for freedom. He must find The King’s Traitor…and hope it isn’t already too late.

The King’s Traitor by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 1
The King’s Traitor by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 1

Review About “The King’s Traitor” by “Jeff Wheeler”

You’re a book lover, right? When was the last time you read a book and didn’t like it? Do you remember what it was about? Probably not. This happened to me just recently when I read  The Secrets of Droon #10: The Disappearing Friend Mystery. There were many strange things in that book that made me feel weird and uncomfortable while reading. I did not really enjoy it at all. However, that has never happened with books written by Jeff Wheeler, an author who is well known for his wonderful fantasy books and short stories for children. My favorite among them is The King’s Traitor (Wheeler), but there are a lot more great ones to mention. If you want to know why I love them so much, keep on reading!

The King’s Traitor by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 2
The King’s Traitor by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 2

About “Jeff Wheeler” the author of “The King’s Traitor”

Jeff Wheeler is a lifelong Minnesotan, and he owes his parents for that distinction. While on a tour of duty in Vietnam, his father was shot down over Laos, and his mother was told to expect bad news. She refused to believe it. It took two years for them to learn that he had survived and been captured by enemy forces. And during those two years, she refused to consider any other possibility. If she hadn’t done that—if she’d allowed herself to imagine a future without her husband in it—Jeff might not be here today. In fact, it’s because of her that he is a writer at all! There’s nothing like having your butt kicked at Scrabble (her specialty) when you’re growing up to teach you what makes words tick.

The King’s Traitor by Jeff Wheeler ePub Download

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