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The Hollow by Nora Roberts PDF Download Free

A century ago, three sisters disappeared into the woods surrounding the isolated town of Prosperity, never to be seen again. This modern-day tale delves into the mystery of what really happened that fateful day in 1916. And whether there’s any truth to the rumors that their spirits still haunt the hollow today…

Overview About “The Hollow” by “Nora Roberts”

The Hollow is a novel that encompasses three different short stories. The novels are separate but intersect at some points throughout them. The common theme in all of these novels is that they deal with emotion and connections made between people. They also all have to do with what one might consider hollow areas, where not much happens and life just goes on without anything special happening to it. Overall, it’s a great read for anyone who likes deep character development, as well as deep feelings between characters in their books. If you like intense drama or action scenes, then you probably won’t enjoy these books too much. But if you want something more emotional and romantic, then I highly recommend picking up The Hollow! Definitely worth reading! 

The Hollow by Nora Roberts Chapter 1
The Hollow by Nora Roberts Chapter 1

Review About “The Hollow” by “Nora Roberts”

This is a very interesting novel. The romance between Bo and Cicely was superb. I loved how they were instantly attracted to each other. This is a very interesting romantic read with multiple storylines that all connect towards the end. This book is worth reading over and over again because it is filled with love, passion, friendship, betrayal, trust, and seduction. The intense scenes between both Cicely and Bo are good but fade in comparison to their past romantic lives as well as interactions with other people in their lives. It’s hard to imagine two people who can be so perfect for each other could be so wrong for one another at first. 

The Hollow by Nora Roberts Chapter 2
The Hollow by Nora Roberts Chapter 2

About “Nora Roberts” the author of “The Hollow”

Noreen E. Ro nna rd is a #1 New York Times and International Bestselling Author of more than 195 novels, including The Good Guy, Carolina Moon, Chesapeake Blue, The Perfect Hope, and many more. She is also the author of a series of contemporary erotic novels under her alter ego Shannon Drake. There are over 500 million copies of her books in print and they have been translated into 38 languages. She has won numerous awards including Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA Award for Best Contemporary Novel with her book Montana Sky as well as having received Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards and Career Achievement Awards from Romantic Times Magazine.

The Hollow by Nora Roberts PDF Download

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