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Full House by Maeve Binchy ePub Download Free

Full House by Maeve Binchy ePub Download Free here. It was Christmas Day, 1990, and the small town of Knockglen was in full celebration mode. The streets were decorated with glittering lights and tinsel, the air was filled with the scent of roasted chestnuts, and carolers strolled from door to door in their finest holiday attire. Yet not everyone in town felt that the holiday cheer was appropriate. One man who had spent years serving as Santa Claus to the children of Knockglen was sorely disappointed by how his now-grown children had turned out, and he dreaded seeing them once again during this season.

Overview About “Full House” by “Maeve Binchy”

Full House is a book that revolves around several families in a small town in Ireland, who are connected with each other through love and marriage. The novel mainly focuses on two sisters Eva and Kate and their mischievous lives. Their daughter Orla also features strongly in many parts of the book as she finds love for herself too. The story begins with Kate’s sudden death in an accident when she was returning from her choir practice at St. Jude’s Church. This leads to Eva being left alone in her own house though she maintains a good relationship with her neighbors including Rosie whose husband Mick is one of Kate’s killers. They frequently keep meeting each other for meals and talk about everyday life which brings comfort to them after such a tragedy.

Full House by Maeve Binchy Chapter 1
Full House by Maeve Binchy Chapter 1

When Jamie O’Neill comes into town he falls head over heels for Orla, who has just returned from London where she has been living with her boyfriend Simon. She however does not feel anything towards him and tries to avoid him but Jamie is persistent and keeps following her everywhere until she finally gives in. As they get closer together their feelings start developing for each other but there are some secrets that lie between them which might ruin everything if revealed so soon. Another important character featured in the book is Fergus Slattery, a famous writer who returns back home after years of absence due to his mother’s illness.

Reviews About “Full House” by “Maeve Binchy”

Full House, a novel by Maeve Binchy, introduces us to a warm cast of characters in an Irish seaside village. It is an easy book to like as it features no fewer than nine storylines that form an interconnected web of relationships with many plot twists and turns. The stories are all told from different characters’ points of view and are detailed enough to capture your attention without being overwhelming. The setting is also well crafted; we get both a sense of place and time while learning details about each character’s background. You will especially enjoy reading Full House if you like works that portray life in small-town Ireland or novels that mix politics, romance, culture, and community into one enjoyable read. As for Full House’s flaws?

Full House by Maeve Binchy Chapter 2
Full House by Maeve Binchy Chapter 2

Well, there are a few: Ms. Binchy takes too long to introduce some of her minor characters, which can be confusing at times. Additionally, she occasionally goes off on tangents that seem unrelated to her main themes (for example, she spends several pages describing a woman’s fancy party dress). These moments are not frequent enough to detract from what is otherwise an engaging work but they do make it clear that you’re reading fiction instead of nonfiction. Overall though, I recommend Full House. This book makes for great weekend reading and offers a glimpse into Irish life and culture while telling its own unique tale.

About “Maeve Binchy” the author of “Full House”

Maeve Binchy was born in Dalkey, Co. Dublin, in 1939. Her mother had been a singer and actress, who after her parents’ deaths ran a sweetshop with an uncle. As well as growing up during World War II (the house was once hit by shrapnel), she studied English literature at University College Dublin. After working for some years as a teacher and journalist in Ireland, she moved to London in 1965 to take up a post as Women’s Editor of The Irish Times. Thereafter she worked freelance on newspapers such as Vogue, The Observer, The Sunday Times, and Irish Tatler. Her books began appearing in 1969, at first under pseudonyms.

Full House by Maeve Binchy ePub Download

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