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Death’s End by Cixin Liu ePub Download Free

Cixin Liu’s third book in the Remembrance of Earth’s Past trilogy, Death’s End, concludes his award-winning saga. Which started with The Three-Body Problem, earning Liu Hugo and Nebula awards in 2015. It was originally published in Chinese in 2007 before appearing as an English translation in 2014 by Tor Books. In this second volume of the series, human civilization has entered into an uneasy alliance with Trisolaran invaders against their common enemy. The dark star that has been approaching our Solar System for millennia.

Overview About “Death’s End” by “Cixin Liu”

It is a fantastic feeling when you are reading a book. Which has been written by one of your favorite authors. It is even more enjoyable if it happens to be a science fiction novel written in Mandarin Chinese and it gives you an insight into Chinese culture. For me, all these things came together with my reading of Death’s End (translated from Chinese) which was written by noted author, Mr. Cixin Liu, and translated from Mandarin into English by Ken Liu. This is book 3 in The Remembrance of Earth’s Past Trilogy which also consists of books 1 and 2 namely The Three-Body Problem (which won both Hugo Award for Best Novel and Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel)and The Dark Forest respectively.

Death’s End by Cixin Liu Chapter 1
Death’s End by Cixin Liu Chapter 1

Reviews About “Death’s End” by “Cixin Liu”

The Interdependency is safe for now, but that may just be a reprieve. The Human and Trisolaran civilizations are in contact, each seeking to exploit the resources of their new trading partner. And as reports of strange occurrences on Trisolaris surface, both sides have reason to fear what might come next. Back on Earth, Cheng Xin remains locked away in her hospital room. Her memories of an event she hoped would change everything long since removed. And outside our solar system, a huge object is fast approaching: an object that seems to be a starship with design characteristics similar to those of Tiamat. A massive spaceship was sent on an interstellar voyage by humanity’s ancestors thousands of years ago… Where do you go after death?

Death’s End by Cixin Liu Chapter 2
Death’s End by Cixin Liu Chapter 2

About “Cixin Liu” the author of “Death’s End” 

A native of China, author Cixin Liu was born in 1969 and studied computer science at Tsinghua University. After graduation, he worked for software companies in China for several years. In 2000, he became a full-time writer and has published a number of science fiction novels and novellas. He is currently a professor at Beijing’s Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and Literature. His novel The Three-Body Problem won both the Hugo Award (best-translated novel) and the Chinese Science Fiction Galaxy Award. It was followed by The Dark Forest, Death’s End, and other works set in an expansive multi-verse. Translated into English by Ken Liu, Death’s End is Mr. Liu’s most recent novel.

Death’s End by Cixin Liu ePub Download

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