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Cover Fire by Dustin Stevens PDF Download Free

A soldier’s life can get boring from time to time. But you never really know when boredom could quickly turn into a fight for your life. That’s the lesson that Jake Sexton has to learn the hard way in this intriguing tale of suspense and intrigue as he and his comrades are on a mission in Afghanistan. This military fiction novel will keep you reading late into the night as you find yourself completely enthralled with the fast-paced action and unexpected twists that are peppered throughout this book.

Overview About “Cover Fire” by “Dustin Stevens”

Cover Fire is a rock band from Rotherham, England. The band members are Johnny Ballance (vocals), Dave Maclean (guitar), James Higgins (bass), and Tommy Casey (drums). The band is signed to Asylum Records, an offshoot of Warner Music UK. Cover Fire was formed in 2011 when Johnny Ballance and Dave Maclean met at Rotherham College. They have released three singles so far which are: Get Off, Stay With Me, and Still I Can’t Forget. Their EP was called Over And Done and it was released on January 25, 2013. It includes 5 songs as singles Still I Can’t Forget, Stay With Me, Getting Nowhere Faster, and Over And Done. On June 26, 2013, they announced that their debut album would be called The First Chapter and will be released on September 9, 2013. 

Cover Fire by Dustin Stevens Page 1
Cover Fire by Dustin Stevens Page 1

Review About “Cover Fire” by “Dustin Stevens”

A military thriller with realism so authentic that it is almost nauseating. Cover Fire stands out from a number of its peers in the genre because of its combination of dark, violent action and well-rounded characters. These people aren’t completely good or evil. But rather believable – and even relatable – human beings navigating a situation few people could ever imagine being put in. It is with great skill that Mr. Stevens has created characters who are both believable yet contradictory. But when we meet them for the first time, we see something else: men and women who have been thrust into a war zone against their will and must now do what they can to survive. 

Cover Fire by Dustin Stevens Page 2
Cover Fire by Dustin Stevens Page 2

About “Dustin Stevens” the author of “Cover Fire”

Cover Fire is a military science fiction novella by American author Dustin Stevens. It was originally published in August 2012 as part of an anthology of stories based on Rifts®. This new, expanded edition includes more than 3,500 additional words, revealing secrets that have been hidden since 2012! Cover Fire also contains ten pages of original illustrations and a foreword by Scott Wilke (co-author of Rifts® Savage Worlds Edition)! The story is not only set during a time before modern high-tech equipment became a standard issue for U.S. troops but also reveals facts about the origins of powers and combat techniques once thought to be magical or divinely inspired. You don’t want to miss Cover Fire!

Cover Fire by Dustin Stevens PDF Download

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