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Year One by Nora Roberts ePub Download Free

Year One by Nora Roberts PDF Download Free here. When this book was recommended to me by one of my close friends, I was quite skeptical about reading it since the author isn’t one of my favorites and I had never read any book in this series before. Since I was bored one day and had nothing better to do, I decided to give this book a try. After reading the first paragraph of the prologue, I knew that I had made the right decision. Now, here are my thoughts on Year One by Nora Roberts, which was an interesting read that kept me hooked until the very end!

Overview About “Year One” by “Nora Roberts”

For fans of Nora Roberts, Year One is an action-packed ride that brings together unforgettable characters from four bestselling novels and short stories. There’s Morgan Harper Nichols from Quicksand, an FBI agent tracking a killer; Andrew Copeland from Island Nights, a geneticist on vacation in Hawaii; Dr. Liam O’Brien from Kiss Me When I’m Down, who treats his patients with kindness and compassion; and Hayden Copeland from The Witness, searching for love after losing her brother in a tragic accident. Each story builds to a heart-stopping ending that will keep you up all night reading.

Year One by Nora Roberts Chapter 1
Year One by Nora Roberts Chapter 1

In addition to these compelling novellas, Year One includes two brand new full-length novels: A Perfect Day and A Moment Forever. This collection offers adventure, mystery, romance—and a glimpse into how these beloved characters met their future spouses! It’s everything you love about Nora Roberts wrapped into one thrilling package!

Reviews About “Year One” by “Nora Roberts”

I love Nora Roberts’s writing! I have been a huge fan of hers for years, and I have read all of her historical romance novels. Now that she has branched out into contemporary romance and written her first paranormal trilogy as J.D. Robb, she is my one and only go-to author when I want a book to lose myself in for hours at a time. If you are new to her work, definitely give Year One (from her In Death series) a try! You won’t be disappointed with any book you pick up! This book will leave you breathless and begging for more! When Lieutenant Eve Dallas tracks down Bennington\’s newest victim in Central Park, it\’s bad news. The woman was brutally murdered while jogging, and Eve knows she was targeted.

Year One by Nora Roberts Chapter 2
Year One by Nora Roberts Chapter 2

The killer is meticulous in his planning, choosing victims who fit his profile: young women between twenty-five and thirty who live alone or with roommates within walking distance of their jobs. His signature? He leaves behind a piece of jewelry belonging to each victim—all beautiful things they no longer need now that they’re dead. It’s clear he wants someone else to find them—and he wants them found quickly. And if not . . . well, he has left something special for Eve just in case: a picture taken on her wedding day showing her husband Roarke smiling next to none other than Mira’s murderer.

About “Nora Roberts” the author of “Year One”

Nora Roberts is known worldwide for her distinctive style and best-selling novels. She was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, on October 10th, 1950. Her grandfather was a coal miner who later went on to found The Baltimore Sun newspaper. Growing up in modest surroundings she developed a strong work ethic and an affection for storytelling. At age nine she wrote her first book Scattered Leaves. In 1967 she attended what is now known as Towson University where she studied English Literature.

Year One by Nora Roberts ePub Download

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