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Hide and Seek by Mary Burton PDF Download Free

There was no breeze, and the leaves on the trees did not stir; there was something in the air which seemed to forbid their motion. Helen sat still, looking intently at the corner of the house. She told herself she was not going to look round, she did not want to see any ghosts or skeletons. But she had to know whether anything was there—and if so, how many? At last, unable to resist any longer, she slowly turned her head towards the door in the corner of the house and looked into the little courtyard. It was empty!

Overview About “Hide and Seek” by “Mary Burton”

Hide and Seek is a work of fiction about a boy. He takes on playing hide-and-seek to save his father’s reputation but instead starts to play it for real. There are many versions of hide-and-seek, but only one book has ever been written that makes you think that maybe you too might start playing it for real. That is why Hide and Seek is such an amazing book that needs to be read; because in between reading, you forget that all of it isn’t real… it can’t be though can it?

Hide and Seek by Mary Burton Chapter 1
Hide and Seek by Mary Burton Chapter 1

Reviews About “Hide and Seek” by “Mary Burton”

It’s a good book. If you don’t have time to read, you can listen to it in the audiobook. I am glad that I downloaded that version because now I can listen to it every night before bedtime instead of reading it. The narrator is very professional and his voice is so warm that it helps me fall asleep faster after listening for a few minutes. However, I love reading books so if possible, give it a try on your own reading experience too. This is the best fiction novel ever written in my lifetime! Just like other readers said here, you will be really confused at the first chapter but just keep going till the next chapter because things will get much better as soon as you continue reading it.

Hide and Seek by Mary Burton Chapter 2
Hide and Seek by Mary Burton Chapter 2

About “Mary Burton” the author of “Hide and Seek”

Mary Burton is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born in Bala Cynwyd, PA, a suburb in Greater Philadelphia. She lived there with her mother and father until she graduated from Cheltenham High School. After high school, she attended Temple University. She majored in Human Relations & Psychology which prepared her for an incredible career working for Fannie Mae as a Senior Loan Officer. It was during that time that Mary discovered her love for writing fiction books when she wrote her first mystery novel Tears of Passion under the pen name Mandy Carter. That led to several other books such as Broken Trust, Secrets Revealed, Family Ties & Hidden Lies. Read more about Mary Here! 

Hide and Seek by Mary Burton PDF Download

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