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Back of Beyond by C.J. Box ePub Download Free

Back of Beyond is the 5th book in the Joe Pickett series by C.J. Box, and it picks up shortly after the ending of Overkill, which was the 4th book in the series (technically. It’s set before Overkill, but follows on from it with an epilogue at the end of that book). I don’t want to give anything away. But let’s just say this is not one of my favorite books in the series!

Overview About “Back of Beyond” by “C.J. Box” 

Back of Beyond is an extremely intense thriller that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. In fact, I dare say it’s one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a long time, if not ever. When out-of-town detectives are brought in to investigate a missing woman. They make some quick assumptions about what has happened. But these prove to be completely wrong. As more time passes without finding any evidence related to her disappearance, everything goes quiet and tension starts mounting; eventually leading up to a frenzied and explosive ending with multiple storylines going off at once like a ticking time bomb exploding into chaos–with readers being kept on their toes wondering just what exactly will happen next!

Back of Beyond by C.J. Box Chapter 1
Back of Beyond by C.J. Box Chapter 1

Review About “Back of Beyond” by “C.J. Box” 

This book was a solid read, although some parts were lacking in details that I would have liked to see filled in. Still, if you’re looking for a mystery/crime novel with an excellent balance between drama and character development, then Back of Beyond is certainly worth your time and money. I don’t want to give too much away about Back of Beyond, so be sure to pick up a copy yourself or ask your local library to purchase it if they haven’t already done so! On another note, I also enjoyed reading about Beck Reichert who plays Jack Reacher in Lee Child’s books about him as well as his other characters such as Dan Shepherd from Without Fail. Definitely worth checking out!!

Back of Beyond by C.J. Box Chapter 2
Back of Beyond by C.J. Box Chapter 2

About “C.J. Box” the author of “Back” of “Beyond”

Richard C J Box is an American author and mystery writer. He is best known for his series of Joe Pickett novels set in Wyoming, a state he knows intimately from his time as a game warden there. The Pickett books are number one New York Times bestsellers and have won several awards, including France’s prestigious Prix du Roman d’Aventure (Adventure Novel Prize) twice; once for Open Season (2001) and again for Winterkill (2007). His most recent novel Deep Freeze was published in 2016. He has also written a short story collection entitled Tight Lines: Tales From Sport Fishing And Life Of The Line which was awarded Book of the Year at Bloody Good Horror Awards 2017 (UK).

Back of Beyond by C.J. Box ePub Download

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