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Download Winter by Marissa Meyer PDF Free

The first book in a dazzling trilogy, WINTER is a New York Times bestseller and an internationally bestselling sensation. This captivating story features one girl’s transcendent journey, set against a backdrop of danger and romance. Readers will love reading along with our beloved heroines as they search for answers, opening their minds to magic and evil, joy and sorrow.

Meyer’s literary talent speaks volumes through her beautiful writing style. The vivid description she uses often took my breath away-every sentence feels like you’re right there with them on their quest. The plot feels well rounded-having just enough conflict without it feeling forced or overdone.

Overview About “Winter” by “Marissa Meyer”

Winter, by Marissa Meyer, is a science fiction novel that follows her three main characters, Jacin, Cinder, and Prince Kai. Set in a futuristic earth, Winter is about a world where cyborgs exist and people can have cybernetic enhancements. It’s about how two of these people are manipulated by someone who wants to start another war with an enemy country. It’s filled with action and adventures in every chapter as they try to figure out what’s happening and why it’s happening. It has romance and suspense throughout almost every page as well as many twists that you never saw coming.

Winter by Marissa Meyer Chapter 1
Winter by Marissa Meyer Chapter 1

Reviews About “Winter” by “Marissa Meyer”

Winter, the fourth and final book in The Lunar Chronicles series, was bittersweet. I loved it, but I also knew that once I reached its end I would have to say goodbye to these characters. To be honest, a part of me is still grieving over it. But all good things must come to an end and so Winter left off with a promise for a better future for all involved after Cinder, Queen Levana, Princess Winter, and Wolf bested Queen Channary’s armies during her second wedding. However, Queen Levana has been invited to Earth for another wedding—and she means to go even if it means fighting her way out of Luna’s palace when no one is looking.

Winter by Marissa Meyer Chapter 2
Winter by Marissa Meyer Chapter 2

About “Marissa Meyer” the author of “Winter”

Marissa Meyer is a New York Times and the USA Today bestselling author of books for young adults. She has won awards from both Romantic Times and Young Adult Library Services Association. Her work includes Winter, Spring, and Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles).

Download Winter by Marissa Meyer PDF

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