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Ali Cross by James Patterson PDF Download Free

Ali Cross by James Patterson PDF Download Free here. What would you do if your best friend was murdered and the killer was still at large? When the death of her college roommate brings Ali Cross back to life after years of abuse and self-doubt, she’s ready to stop running and start fighting—to find out who killed her friend and make sure he can’t hurt anyone else ever again. But as soon as she comes home, Ali realizes that her hometown isn’t quite the same as it was when she left it behind—especially since Daniel Tully has been paroled from prison.

Overview About “Ali Cross” by “James Patterson”

At first, Ali’s not sure how to take Tracy’s interest. They had never been particularly close, and besides, doesn’t Tracy have a boyfriend already? But as Ali spends more time with Tracy, she finds herself drawn into her friend’s life. This might be because of Jack—she does find him totally attractive—but she also begins to realize that if anyone understands what it feels like to be different and strange, it’s probably Tracy. And maybe there are reasons behind her illness—reasons even doctors might not know about.

Ali Cross by James Patterson Chapter 1
Ali Cross by James Patterson Chapter 1

Is there really such a thing as evil? If so, is that why these girls keep dying? Or could there be another explanation for their deaths? As Ali starts digging into Tracy’s past, she learns things about her friend that make her question everything. Because suddenly it seems possible that what happened to those other girls—and why they died—might be happening again…to someone else now. Or perhaps someone very close to home…

Reviews About “Ali Cross” by “James Patterson”

Thanks to his career as a psychologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Alex Cross has seen some pretty gruesome stuff. But nothing could have prepared him for Ali Collins, a beautiful woman involved in an underground world of sex and pain, where she is known as Missy. Missy is found in her home brutally murdered, with symbols carved into her skin and no memory of what happened to her. She only remembers that a dark-haired man was stalking her days before she was attacked. When Alex identifies Ali’s body, he realizes that it isn’t just another murder – but part of a series of ritualistic killings whose survivors also suffered from memory loss due to drugs.

Ali Cross by James Patterson Chapter 2
Ali Cross by James Patterson Chapter 2

With time running out, Alex must uncover the truth behind these crimes and stop whoever is responsible before they strike again. In order to do so, he’ll need to rely on his training as well as on help from those closest to him: Nana Mama; Jannie; Damon; Maria; John Sampson; and Christine Johnson. The case becomes personal when it becomes clear that someone close to Alex may be connected with these murders…and if they’re not directly responsible, they know who is. Will Alex be able to catch a killer who leaves few clues? Will Ali remember anything about her attacker? And will anyone around them survive? Find out in #1 New York Times bestselling author James Patterson’s latest thriller!

About “James Patterson” the author of “Ali Cross” 

He is an American writer. he was born on Friday, March 22, 1947, and his birthplace is Newburgh, New York, United States. he is also a novelist and producer. He also has written many books including the Daniel X series, and the Maximum Ride series. Ali Cross is an amazing novel that I liked because it is full of suspense (the most exciting part for me). I recommend you to read all of James Patterson’s novels, especially Ali Cross because all of them are very interesting about innocent people who fight against terrorism and revenge.

Ali Cross by James Patterson PDF Download

Click on the button given below to download the “Ali Cross” book that is written by James Patterson in PDF. You can also download Angel by James Patterson in PDF Free.



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