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Fumbled Hearts by Meagan Brandy ePub Download Free

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Overview About “Fumbled Hearts” by “Meagan Brandy”

Yearning for love in your early twenties can feel like a desperate game of pretend, but when you’re in love, it’s easy to forget that pretending is exactly what it is. Over time, Emily and Patrick become emotionally attached and increasingly dependent on each other while they both hide their pasts. But even though they share great chemistry and begin to imagine a future together, dark secrets threaten to tear them apart. Can they work through their troubles or will their fragile romance crumble around them? Fumbled Hearts was written as a sweet story with an emphasis on character development, rich language, and real-life emotion.

Fumbled Hearts by Meagan Brandy Chapter 1
Fumbled Hearts by Meagan Brandy Chapter 1

The author hopes readers are able to relate to her characters’ struggles and find joy in discovering how they resolve their issues. The book also has strong themes of friendship, family, and overcoming adversity. The author wants readers to know that she writes from personal experience because she believes writing about something you’ve experienced makes a book more realistic. She has had her heart broken before, so she knows how painful it can be – but she also knows there is always hope if you keep moving forward instead of dwelling on things too much.

Reviews About “Fumbled Hearts” by “Meagan Brandy”

Just because a relationship has ended, it doesn’t mean you need to completely let go of your ex. There are healthy ways to stay connected to someone even after they’ve left your life. It’s all about allowing yourself to remember what once was, while at the same time not getting sucked back into any toxic behaviors that caused problems in your previous relationship. If you can do that, then there is no reason why you can’t learn from past mistakes and become better for them. That’s exactly what Fumbled Hearts: Lessons Learned on Life, Love and Longing does for author Meagan Brandy—it teaches her how to stay in touch with her ex without risking more heartache down the road.

Fumbled Hearts by Meagan Brandy Chapter 2
Fumbled Hearts by Meagan Brandy Chapter 2

In fact, she learns some important lessons that help her find happiness in a new relationship. We recently had an opportunity to speak with Meagan about her book and asked her if she could share some insights on how readers can successfully keep their exes close but far enough away so as not to be tempted to cheat or fall back into old habits. Here’s what she had to say: I don’t know if my story will resonate with everyone, but I hope it helps people who have been through something similar (or different) to me. For anyone going through something like this now, my advice would be don’t give up hope!

About “Meagan Brandy” the author of “Fumbled Hearts”

Thalia Chandlers is all too familiar with broken hearts. From a young age, she learned that love always comes with some sort of pain. Her father left when she was just a toddler, and her stepfather couldn’t be bothered to care for her. But Thalia was determined to never let another person hurt her like that again, so she made it her mission to keep herself guarded against everyone who dared show interest in her. She even went as far as convincing herself that being alone is what she wanted out of life… until she met him.

Fumbled Hearts by Meagan Brandy ePub Download

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