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Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks PDF Download Free

Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks PDF Download Free here.

Overview About “Beyond the Shadows” by “Brent Weeks”

Beyond the Shadows is a fantasy novel written by American author Brent Weeks. It is chronologically, the third book in The Night Angel Trilogy series, though it is marketed as a stand-alone novel. The story follows Azoth, who was introduced in The Way of Shadows and known as Kylar Stern to his friends. He was adopted into an affluent family and sent to an exclusive school where he met other children of high-ranking families like House Jursenar and House Bekkara of Cenaria’s ruling elite. This new life holds no interest for him however since all he has ever wanted is revenge against those who murdered his father and drove his mother mad and caused her death at an early age. But now he has been given a mission by Durzo Blint, one of the best assassins in Canaria, and if successful will earn him his freedom from slavery. But with only three months to complete it will be difficult to balance completing his mission while keeping up with his studies at school. And when Logan Gyre returns from fighting in foreign wars with news that could change everything Azoth knows about himself and what he wants out of life, things get even more complicated…

Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks Chapter 1
Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks Chapter 1

Reviews About “Beyond the Shadows” by “Brent Weeks”

Beyond The Shadows ebook free download pdf Mobi Epub book review: Beyond The Shadows By Brent Weeks – I enjoyed EBRW so much that I immediately picked up Beyond The Shadows, which was just as great. With an average Goodreads rating of 4.57, if you are looking for a new epic fantasy series to read, pick up these two books. (I received an Advanced Reader Copy of Beyond The Shadow in exchange for an honest review.) Published on Goodreads and available on Amazon now! Since I got into EPIC FANTASY through Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy it has been hard to find other authors who can deliver something comparable. Luckily, after reading Brent Weeks’ Night Angel Trilogy and his current Lightbringer Series I’ve found another author who is able to captivate me with his amazing characters, storytelling abilities, and writing style. This is one of those books where you think ‘just one more chapter’ until you’re finished with it… It’s that good. So, what do we have here?

Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks Chapter 2
Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks Chapter 2

About “Brent Weeks” the author of “Beyond the Shadows”

A native of Idaho, Brent spent his early years in a log house that had no electricity or running water, and only sporadic heat. His father kept a shotgun behind the door and regularly offered to shoot any child who misbehaved. The family got its first color television when he was sixteen. The first novel of his Lightbringer series debuted at #1 on various bestseller lists and remained there for five consecutive weeks. The second novel in his acclaimed Night Angel trilogy debuted at #2 on various bestseller lists, including The New York Times list (and remained there for six consecutive weeks). He lives in Boise with his wife, Jennie, and their two sons. His hobbies include being married to Jennie and raising kids while occasionally writing books.

Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks PDF Download

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