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Paris by Edward Rutherfurd PDF Download Free

Paris by Edward Rutherfurd PDF Download Free here. No matter what the city, it’s always been said that it has its own soul, and Paris is no exception to this rule. No other city offers you more romance and magic than this wonderful place does. In his book Paris, Edward Rutherfurd gives you a detailed insight into what makes this city so unique, and he does it in a way that will cause you to never want to leave the story until the end.

Overview About “Paris” by “Edward Rutherfurd”

As I said in my summary, this book is about Paris and not about its history. This book tries to portray how people lived in different time periods of its history. It starts in Gallo-Roman times and ends in the 1970s. The author has tried his best to provide as much detail as possible but there are several chapters that seem to be a little draggy and even confusing because there is not much happening in that period of time in Paris. Also, the author has used very large words in some places making it difficult for me to understand. I would recommend you to read it only if you want to know about what was going on in Paris during those periods of time or if you want to learn more about French culture. This book is not for everyone though; it’s really slow-moving and hard to understand in places so if you don’t have patience then don’t bother reading it. Overall, I liked it but I wouldn’t say that I loved it too. I give 3 out of 5 stars for Paris by Edward Rutherfurd.

Paris by Edward Rutherfurd Chapter 1
Paris by Edward Rutherfurd Chapter 1

Review About “Paris” by “Edward Rutherfurd”

Who is Edward Rutherford and what has he written? Simply put, Paris is a historical fiction book that takes place during three major periods in French history: from pre-Roman times until 1789 (with a brief postscript for Napoleon’s reign), from 1848 to 1914, and from 1939 to 1944. Each of these eras is told through multiple viewpoints and follows how certain characters in each period interact with one another. Paris offers a fascinating perspective on both well-known and lesser-known events as it conveys how such moments have not only changed France but also defined its character as a nation. The book goes on sale on July 8th, 2015. It is available for preorder now!

Paris by Edward Rutherfurd Chapter 2
Paris by Edward Rutherfurd Chapter 2


About “Edward Rutherfurd” the author of “Paris”

Edward Rutherford is an English novelist, best known for his historical novels set in pre-industrial Scotland and France. These were published between 1982 and 2000. His most recent novels are London, The Forest, and Paris (2010). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

Paris by Edward Rutherfurd PDF Download

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