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Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth ePub Download Free

Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth epub download free here. In this book, we meet two wonderful people, May and Peter. May had an extraordinary childhood. She didn’t speak until she was eight years old. But when she did her voice was instantly recognizable as music to her mother’s ears. She was an artistic child and her name reflects this. Maybe if May had spoken sooner she would have been able to tell her parents that she was not the one they thought she was, but someone else entirely.

Overview About “Mother’s Promise” by “Sally Hepworth”

The Noughts and Crosses series is a huge success around the world, with over 4 million copies sold. It’s clever, thought-provoking, and great fun to read. This third book in a new series explores issues of love, friendship, and hate as it asks how easy it is to ever really know who we can trust? Set against a backdrop of Nazis marching through London streets and gangs roaming school playgrounds in search of German deserters. Noughts & Crosses meets The Book Thief. Mother’s Promise is set to thrill readers again. Trouble has been brewing between Sephy and Callum since they were children. Now sixteen, their relationship is about to reach a boiling point. But when Callum disappears without a trace, Sephy becomes increasingly desperate to find him.

Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth Chapter 1
Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth Chapter 1

What she discovers will test her loyalties and throw into question everything. She thinks she knows about herself and her friends. Could there be more going on than either of them realize? And what does it have to do with her mother’s past? In an increasingly dangerous game where no one can be trusted. There are no easy answers… except perhaps those that lie within your own heart. But sometimes you have to take risks if you want things that badly…


Review About “Mother’s Promise” by “Sally Hepworth”

In her debut novel, Australian novelist Sally Hepworth brings you a moving story about loss and new beginnings. I received a free copy of Mother’s Promise from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I found Mother’s Promise to be a hauntingly beautiful novel that honestly discusses what it is like to lose a child and move on with life afterward. It is not an easy topic for any author to tackle, but Sally does so with grace and sensitivity. As someone who has also suffered through infertility, miscarriage, and subsequent pregnancy loss. I can say that no two losses are alike. There is no easy script that one can follow in order to understand how best to handle it or move forward from it.

Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth Chapter 2
Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth Chapter 2

The only thing that remains true for everyone is that each person must find their own way to cope with such grief and loss. That being said, I think Sally did a wonderful job at portraying both sides of grief–how we mourn our children before they are even born as well as how we mourn them after they have died. She shows us how grief never truly goes away; rather it becomes part of our lives–an ever-present companion–that we learn to live with each day. The most important message throughout Mother’s Promise was hope: hope that things will get better and hope that eventually love will win out over despair…even if just a little bit at first.


About “Sally Hepworth” the author of “Mother’s Promise”

Sally has published 8 novels and written nearly 400 magazine articles. She has won two Carol Awards and a Grace Award. And her books have been nominated for many awards. Three of her novels have reached #1 on Amazon Canada. Her first novel was shortlisted for the prestigious W.H Smith Mind-Boggling Book Award (Teen Fiction Category).

Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth ePub Download

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