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Scarred by Sarah Edmondson PDF Download Free

Scarred by Sarah Edmondson is the true story of Sarah Edmondson. Her journey into the self-help world, and the devastating consequences it caused in her life. When Sarah wanted to be more successful at work. She felt she had no choice but to go along with what her new boss asked her to do. Even though it broke several laws and would impact the lives of thousands of people.

Overview About “Scarred” by “Sarah Edmondson”

Scarred is a memoir from actress Sarah Edmondson that chronicles her traumatic experience at a multi-million dollar spiritual retreat for women. Her story exposes how those in charge were abusive, cruel, and negligent of its participants. It’s been said many times before, but it bears repeating: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. What started as a love offering transformed into an exercise in degradation at a self-help retreat called Executive Success Programs (ESP), where women paid thousands of dollars to attend one weekend with their guru, Keith Raniere. At first, everything seemed like paradise. The women ate organic food, did yoga, and had access to luxurious amenities. But soon things took a dark turn when they were told they would have to get naked in front of other people or face being ostracised from the community forever.

Scarred by Sarah Edmondson Chapter 1
Scarred by Sarah Edmondson Chapter 1

Review About “Scarred” by “Sarah Edmondson”

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Scarred by Sarah Edmondson Chapter 2
Scarred by Sarah Edmondson Chapter 2

About “Sarah Edmondson” the author of “Scarred”

After her harrowing escape from a secret slave and master society called NXIVM, self-described former cult member and actress Sarah Edmondson says she was left physically scarred. Her face was branded with a cauterizing iron by her leader Keith Raniere, and her pubic region was also branded. She has since filed criminal charges against Raniere. Listen to hear more details of how she claims members were also forced to turn over collateral—such as nude photos or damaging secrets about themselves—to Raniere in order to belong.

Scarred by Sarah Edmondson PDF Download

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