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Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren ePub Download Free

I used to think that the story of people falling in love was beautiful, but the moment I met you, everything changed. You made me feel so different and so alive! I cannot stand the idea of letting you out of my sight, and while I want to do everything in my power to make you happy, I just can’t find it in myself to be satisfied with anything less than spending the rest of my life with you. You are not only my secret lover – you are also my Beautiful Secret.

Overview About “Beautiful Secret” by “Christina Lauren”

Beautiful Secret, a contemporary romance novel. Anastasia Steele decides to shake up her life and start a new career at a small tabloid magazine in Los Angeles, but she isn’t prepared for all of the craziness that is Hollywood. When Ana meets Jake Hawthorne, celebrity heartthrob and co-owner of The Hollywood Report, sparks fly between them. Will Ana be able to handle living in L.A.? And will she ever find true love? Read on to find out!

Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren Chapter 1
Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren Chapter 1

Review About “Beautiful Secret” by “Christina Lauren”

In a state of high arousal, it’s hard to think clearly and rationally. The anger is justified, you have a right to feel that way and to do whatever it takes to fix things. And if something bad happens? That proves how good you are for putting up with so much! If something really bad does happen? Then why on earth would you want your life partner around at all? You need someone as caring as yourself who will help you fix things! Keep in mind that passionate people can’t even imagine what a calm person is like; therefore, telling them about their potential future spouse in such terms may be completely useless or even harmful. Calm people don’t exist in a state of arousal. They aren’t overly excited, they aren’t angry, and they aren’t jealous or possessive. They don’t get flustered when they lose control over an important situation, because they never had control over it, to begin with. So there is no sense in trying to describe your ideal mate as calm – he/she doesn’t exist yet!

Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren Chapter 2
Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren Chapter 2

About Christina Lauren the author of Beautiful Secret”

Christina Lauren is a pen name for long-time writing partners/besties/soulmates Amy Tran (that’s me!) and Laura Tran (sadly, not me!). We were both born in Virginia but spent most of our lives in California. We have known each other since kindergarten, went to the same schools all throughout elementary, middle, and high school got jobs at an ice cream shop together during our freshman year of college, and moved into a tiny apartment together after graduation. Pretty much ever since we met there has been some sort of collaboration going on between us.

Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren ePub Download

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