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The Poisoner’s Enemy by Jeff Wheeler PDF Download Free

When first released in 1998, The Poisoner’s Handbook was hailed as an instant classic. And became the single most popular book on the subject of forensic chemistry ever published. This latest book, now titled The Poisoner’s Encyclopaedia (Skyhorse Publishing) not only builds on that reputation with entries on thousands of new poisons. But also features expanded coverage of classic historical cases, important legal rulings, and noteworthy forensics cases from around the world. In fact, this book contains so much new material that it easily qualifies as an all-new work!

Overview About “The Poisoner’s Enemy” by “Jeff Wheeler”

Following decades of upheaval and despair, peace has finally come to New Ashok. But in a city steeped in magic and political intrigue. One woman will soon find that peace is only an illusion. On the night of her engagement, Tasha begins to sense something isn’t right. When she feels compelled to intervene in a duel between two young spellcasters. It’s clear someone is trying to use magic to manipulate her feelings – feelings she didn’t even know she had – but who? And why? The consequences could be fatal if Tasha can’t figure it out fast… but time may already be running out…Because unbeknownst to anyone in New Ashok, their enemy Aydin Bayle is free once more. He’s been plotting for years, waiting for his chance to destroy everything they’ve built.

The Poisoner’s Enemy by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 1
The Poisoner’s Enemy by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 1

Review About “The Poisoner’s Enemy” by “Jeff Wheeler”

It’s been a while since I have read anything written by Jeff Wheeler. I forgot how good he is at constructing a plot, building suspense and tension, and pulling you into his stories so that you feel like you are there. The Poisoner’s Enemy is no exception to these strengths of his storytelling ability. It follows John Chase as he tries to uncover who killed two citizens from his city who were poisoned using radium in an old airplane hangar along with finding out why someone tried to kill him with it. In order to help him figure all of that out, Chase enlists Phoebe Waterman who has a photographic memory and can read extremely fast due to her needing glasses for another condition that causes her eyesight not to work properly. Together they try to solve the mystery before more people get hurt or die.

The Poisoner’s Enemy by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 2
The Poisoner’s Enemy by Jeff Wheeler Chapter 2

About “Jeff Wheeler” the author of “The Poisoner’s Enemy”

A writer who has published work under the pseudonym, Jeff Wheeler is an award-winning journalist and novelist. He worked as a reporter and editor for newspapers in Arizona, Alaska, Utah, and Colorado before settling into his current career as a freelance writer. In addition to having worked on several novels. He has written more than 70 published short stories and novellas in genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mystery/suspense. He currently resides in Vail with his wife and two children.

The Poisoner’s Enemy by Jeff Wheeler PDF Download

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