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Unwelcome Guests by Anna Willett PDF Download Free

Anna Willett writes in her new novel Unwelcome by Guests that the story centers on Wendy, who grew up during the Great Depression and has trained herself to never complain or draw attention to herself. When her husband dies, she moves into his father’s house with her son Nicky. Her new home seems like it should be the perfect place to heal after her husband’s death, but she soon finds out that the old home isn’t at all what it seems to be.

Overview About “Unwelcome” by “Guests Anna Willett”

Anna Willett’s Unwelcome is both a mystery and a romance. While it has some sweet and tender moments, it also has enough suspense to keep you guessing what will happen next. I love that those two things can co-exist so harmoniously in one book! I find Christian fiction tends to be either contemporary or historical, and rarely do we see romantic suspense in its pages. Naughty by Guests does an amazing job with both genres! The story flows smoothly from one scene to another, keeping your interest from start to finish. Ms. Willett includes small glimpses into Jane’s childhood as she recalls when she received her Bible for Christmas – something only a child would treasure so much. In addition, there are several references to Scripture throughout the novel. This makes me want to read my Bible even more now than before! If you enjoy inspirational novels (particularly Christian ones), then I highly recommend adding Unwelcome by Guests to your reading list. It’s a great summer read (or anytime read) that will leave you wanting more once you turn that last page.

Unwelcome Guests by Anna Willett Chapter 1
Unwelcome Guests by Anna Willett Chapter 1

Review About “Unwelcome” by “Guests Anna Willett”

Are you wondering why your relationships never seem to work out? Do you feel like no one really understands you and that your friends don’t really care about you? Do you find yourself constantly feeling lonely and like no one ever wants to be around you? If so, it may have something to do with how different your views are from everyone else. After all, each person has their own opinions and values and if yours is different than everyone else’s, it can cause some serious problems when trying to communicate. This book will help teach you ways to understand others better as well as ways that people can be more accepting of who they are. By working on these things together, everyone will benefit in both friendships and relationships!

Unwelcome Guests by Anna Willett Chapter 2
Unwelcome Guests by Anna Willett Chapter 2

About “Guests Anna Willett” the author of “Unwelcome”

I’m an author, blogger, and book reviewer. I love all things books; reading, writing, and reviewing them! I’ve been writing since 2008. In 2009, my short story The Book of Lost Souls was chosen to be featured in Writers’ Tales Volume 1. Two years later, in 2011, it was included in Best British Fantasy 2012 (ed. Jonathan Oliver). My novella Always has also made it into several volumes: 2nd Rounder Summer 2012 Anthology and Flash Fiction Online Magazine 2012 December Issue Anthology.

Unwelcome Guests by Anna Willett PDF Download

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