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The Six by Anni Taylor PDF Download Free

What do you really know about your body? Why do we have to breathe? What happens if you hold your breath? Would I actually die if I stopped breathing? What makes my heartbeat? Why does blood need to go around your body in a circuit before it’s pumped back into your heart? This book answers all of these questions and more! You’ll discover what happens inside the body during sickness and health, why you don’t always feel the effects of tiredness, why some people are lucky and others are not.

Overview About “The Six” by “Anni Taylor”

The defining novel from one of Australia’s most beloved and brilliant authors, THE SIX is a thrilling contemporary re-imagining of Dickens’ classic David Copperfield. Jonathan Maddox leads a privileged life, cared for by his loving father, who dotes on him and all his ventures. But Jonathan has an eye for trouble. When he meets Lukasz Golabek—from another part of town—at school in Blacktown they are drawn together despite their differences. Then tragedy strikes when Jonathan’s mother is killed in a car accident and he decides to bring Lukasz into his home as his adopted brother. It seems like nothing can go wrong for Jonathan now that he has Lukasz at his side.

The Six by Anni Taylor Chapter 1
The Six by Anni Taylor Chapter 1

Reviews About “The Six” by “Anni Taylor”

The Six is a perfect blend of suspense, romance, and literary fiction. The novel introduces us to a wide range of characters from varying backgrounds who will intrigue you through every page. Not only are these characters real but their stories mirror those of many people in today’s society; for example, different childhood memories (some good, some bad), starting or trying to change careers later in life, and finding new love. In my opinion, what makes The Six stand out from other novels is its ability to connect with so many readers on different levels without being judgmental or preachy.

The Six by Anni Taylor Chapter 2
The Six by Anni Taylor Chapter 2

About “Anni Taylor” the author of “The Six”

Anni Taylor is a British television and film writer who has written for both children’s and adult programs. She was raised in Devon, England, where she still lives with her partner, Chris. The original idea for The Six came from her own childhood fear of monsters under her bed. Her first novel, When You Wake Up in The Night (Faber & Faber), was published in 2005. It won a Blue Peter Book Award and was shortlisted for both the Carnegie Medal and Branford Boase Award. Anni writes regularly for Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, as well as working on many other projects including scripts for CBBC shows My Life: A Teenager Magazine Show! (series editor) and Grange Hill: The College Years. She also works as an editor at Walker Books UK.

The Six by Anni Taylor PDF Download

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