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Dead Sleep by Greg Iles PDF Download Free

Twenty years ago, Regan Pescoli and her sister disappeared into the forest on Tumbling Creek Mountain and were never seen again…until today. The bones of one of the girls have been found buried near an abandoned silver mine. A sinister serial killer’s playground for unsuspecting victims…and somewhere close by. There’s another body waiting to be discovered. Detective Regan Pescoli wants answers, but all she has to go on are half-remembered nightmares from her childhood about that fateful night so long ago. And their father’s cold insistence that she was spared for a reason.

Overview About “Dead Sleep” by “Greg Iles”

A gripping and unputdownable crime thriller, Dead Sleep is book two in New York Times bestselling author Greg Iles’s thrilling Penn Cage trilogy. Penn Cage, an ambitious district attorney from Natchez, Mississippi and a former state representative to boot, is one of three people who know that Harry Truman’s decades-old nightmare—the case he couldn’t solve. And which wrecked his career, may have come true. The man convicted of killing three little girls might be innocent. But what can a small-town lawyer do about it? For starters, get some help from someone with bigger clout than he has…someone like Robert E. Lee Barkley Jr., a rich and powerful Washington insider who holds all the cards in high places. 

Dead Sleep by Greg Iles Chapter 1
Dead Sleep by Greg Iles Chapter 1

Review About “Dead Sleep” by “Greg Iles”

Some books are so good that you read them in one sitting. Some are so complex that it takes multiple readings to get a true understanding of what is going on. And some are so dense and detailed that reading anything less than 100 pages at a time would be asinine. That brings us to Dead Sleep, the sequel to Blood Memory, written by author Greg Iles. This book will take you hours upon hours to complete. So why should you even bother? The reason is simple: once it’s finished. It will leave an indelible mark on your psyche and remind you why no matter how good a book might be. There’s always room for improvement.

Dead Sleep by Greg Iles Chapter 2
Dead Sleep by Greg Iles Chapter 2

About “Greg Iles” the author of “Dead Sleep”

Dead Sleep is a best-selling novel written by American author Greg Iles and published in 2005. The book is set in New Orleans, where Will Jeffries, a thirty-something environmental attorney returns to his family home after fifteen years in order to help settle his mother’s estate. It turns out that there is more work than he anticipated, as many of his long-held assumptions about his mother are destroyed when he comes across some private writings of hers. Suddenly, Will begins to doubt everything he has ever known about her life and her past. Meanwhile, as old truths are reexamined and new ones revealed, an exhumation at a local cemetery reveals something shocking: There was never anybody inside his mother’s grave—and she may still be alive!

Dead Sleep by Greg Iles PDF Download

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