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Damage Control by John Gilstrap PDF Download Free

It’s early one morning when Dr. Will Foreman’s cell phone rings at his home in Birmingham, Alabama. The sound of gunfire and screaming in the background sends chills through his body and he jumps out of bed to get to his daughter, Sarah, whose voice is on the other end of the line, crying hysterically and pleading with him to help her escape their attackers. Unfortunately, Will knows that it’s too late to save Sarah…or is it?

Overview About “Damage Control” by “John Gilstrap”

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Damage Control by John Gilstrap Chapter 1
Damage Control by John Gilstrap Chapter 1

Reviews About “Damage Control” by “John Gilstrap”

This is a high-energy, fast-paced thriller with numerous twists and turns. The Damage Control starts out simple enough, with good guys that all have goals that are slightly different than those of other good guys and bad guys who are being manipulated in a way they don’t realize. The book evolves into more than just an action-packed story as you get to know more about some of these people. Some show surprising depth, others evolve as characters to feel bad for what happens to them. After reading it I realized how much time I spend sitting on hold or waiting for things online only to realize my wait isn’t really going anywhere even though I’m doing something but not accomplishing anything at all or making progress towards my goal.

Damage Control by John Gilstrap Chapter 2
Damage Control by John Gilstrap Chapter 2

 About “John Gilstrap” the author of “Damage Control”

You’ve read all four of our free articles from our iPad for Dummies series, so you’ve probably got an iPad and a little knowledge about how to use it. Good for you! Now download Damage Control, a spy novel written just for Apple’s popular tablet device. (John Q. Reader is your name.) As part of its new iBooks Author program, Apple released a few professionally produced books exclusively in e-book format. One of them was Damage Control, which features digital versions of specially commissioned illustrations that take advantage of iPad’s touch-screen capabilities.

Damage Control by John Gilstrap PDF Download

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