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The Professor by Robert Bailey PDF Download Free

A professor in college was teaching his class about good writing. When he came across a new student who would go on to change his life. The teacher asked the students to write on a piece of paper the names of their professors that they admired. And why they admired them. The teacher then told the class. That he will then read each one aloud and explain why he wasn’t on their list. He started reading off all the students’ lists. And had positive feedback for each one until he got to one named, David Cook, which had written down, Professor John Smith.

Overview About “The Professor” by “Robert Bailey”

The first thing that caught my attention about The Professor was what I thought was a unique and innovative plot. While there are many different ideas out there, I feel like they tend to be played out in other books as well as movies. But I could tell right away that The Professor wasn’t another cliche story. It seemed almost like an inspiration for something new, so needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get started! Also, it’s safe to say that almost every book these days has some sort of twist somewhere in it but with that being said, there is always a need for a great original idea or concept because they do seem to be rare these days. So when reading The Professor I knew that Robert Bailey had just written something very special and after finishing it all, I can honestly say that he did. 

The Professor by Robert Bailey Chapter 1
The Professor by Robert Bailey Chapter 1

Review About “The Professor” by “Robert Bailey”

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The Professor by Robert Bailey Chapter 2
The Professor by Robert Bailey Chapter 2

About “Robert Bailey” the author of “The Professor”

Robert Bailey’s passion for writing, storytelling, and words started at a young age. Inspired by storytellers such as Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, and Richard Matheson he began to read every book he could get his hands on. He discovered that with words you can create universes of imagination and take people to places they have never dreamed possible. It wasn’t long before he began to imagine entire worlds and characters of his own; stories that had been waiting within him since birth. At ten years old after reading his first novel he was hooked; determined to write stories of his own, which would bring pleasure to others just as it did him. Since then Robert has completed over forty-four novels, novellas, and short stories.

The Professor by Robert Bailey PDF Download

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