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Blind Faith by CJ Lyons PDF Download Free

A successful journalist who works at The Washington Post, Jacqueline Jack Daniels has had to face the full brunt of her alcohol and drug addiction problems. As well as her impulsive behavior, after she was held at gunpoint in Afghanistan. In Blind Faith, the third book in CJ Lyons’ series about Jack Daniels. We find out that she has left The Washington Post after being faced with the harsh realization that her poor decisions may have put her best friend in danger.

Overview About “Blind Faith” by “CJ Lyons”

Blind Faith is a riveting thriller that poses a question: What if your sight was your greatest asset, and you lost it? How would you react? Would you discover greater strength in yourself and faith in others or let fear overcome you? Blind Faith tells such a story. It’s about an FBI agent who is suddenly blind at work one day. She falls down an elevator shaft when escaping from someone trying to kill her. And wakes up weeks later on her kitchen floor with no idea how she got there. The novel then backtracks eight months to show how she got there—how everything went so wrong. And brings us forward again as she goes through rehab, learns to live without her sight, and returns to work.

Blind Faith by CJ Lyons Chapter 1
Blind Faith by CJ Lyons Chapter 1

Review About “Blind Faith” by “CJ Lyons”

It is usually not easy to find a decent book that provides useful insights into human behavior. Blind Faith by CJ Lyons, which is available in various formats (paperback, hardcover, audio CD, and ebook), offers some insightful observations on how individuals respond to uncertainty and stress. The protagonist in Blind Faith is a psychiatrist called Vivian Walker who gets embroiled in a murder investigation in her hometown. Vivian finds herself struggling to come to terms with her past while she tries to determine whether her friend murdered her husband or if he was killed due to his involvement with illegal immigration. It’s an interesting story whose characters feel real and believable.

Blind Faith by CJ Lyons Chapter 2
Blind Faith by CJ Lyons Chapter 2

About “CJ Lyons” the author of “Blind Faith”

Lyons grew up in Texas and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She worked as a stockbroker for several years, then turned to journalism. Her work has appeared in such publications as Reader’s Digest, New York magazine, and USA Today. She lives with her husband and daughter in Florida. Blind Faith is her first novel. She is currently working on further novels about Mac McRyan, including Fearless, Bone Machine, The Dark Tide, and others. If you are looking for a good mystery author or just want to add one more great series to your collection you should give CJ Lyons’ novels a try. No need to be afraid because Blind Faith will leave you begging for more after you turn that last page!

Blind Faith by CJ Lyons PDF Download

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