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The Dance by Gary Smalley ePub Download Free

If you’re in a relationship with someone, then you’ve definitely heard of The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. In this book, Chapman explains that there are five different love languages, and to effectively communicate and experience love. We have to learn how to speak our spouse’s love language and vice versa. If you don’t know what your spouse’s love language is yet. It could be that you haven’t read his other book called The Dance. Which follows one couple through the ups and downs of their marriage using the 5 Love Languages as the basis of their relationship-building exercises.

Overview About “The Dance” by “Gary Smalley”

The inspirational novel, The Dance, gives readers a view into what it takes to sustain healthy relationships in our everyday lives. It is also a story of an unlikely friendship between two different people and how they find common ground despite their differences. Amy Deardon has it all—looks, talent, and money. Every young man at Harmony High School wants to date her. But she can’t seem to find someone who will stay interested long enough for her to fall in love. Michael Evans isn’t anyone special; he’s average-looking and isn’t athletic like most of his peers at school. But he is captivated by Amy right from their first encounter at school during freshman orientation. For years, Michael tries to think of ways that he can spend time with Amy while continuing his passion as a dancer.

The Dance by Gary Smalley Chapter 1
The Dance by Gary Smalley Chapter 1

Reviews About “The Dance” by “Gary Smalley”

The Marriage Dare is a 40-day challenge designed to help couples strengthen their marriages. Couples take time each day to complete a task that draws them closer together and helps repair hurt feelings and broken trust. And there are over 160 tasks (some fun, some serious) to choose from! You can do just one a day or knock out as many as you can each day (you could finish all 160 tasks in just over six weeks). The main focus of The Marriage Dare isn’t sex. Although it does include some sex-related activities—any kind of physical activity will work. Your body has various happy hormones called endorphins. And when released they make us feel good, happy, excited, and so on. 

The Dance by Gary Smalley Chapter 2
The Dance by Gary Smalley Chapter 2

About “Gary Smalley” the author of “The Dance” 

Gary Smalley is one of America’s foremost experts on relationships. He has written and published more than 65 books including, The Language of Love (with Les Parrott), The DNA of Relationships, and Love Talk. His relationship seminars have sold out at venues such as Notre Dame University, Indiana State University, California Polytechnic State University, North Carolina State University, and thousands of churches across America. In 2002, Dr. Smalley was nominated for an Emmy Award for his writing on Married By America for TLC Network. The seminar program he co-hosted with Jim Burns aired in primetime on PBS stations nationwide from 1992 to 1998.

The Dance by Gary Smalley ePub Download

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