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Introductory Chemistry 5th Edition by Nivaldo J. Tro PDF Download Free

Introductory Chemistry 5th Edition by Nivaldo J. Tro, (b. 1947) is an American professor of chemistry at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, the U.S. He received his bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College and his doctorate from Rice University in 1974. Tro has been the recipient of several awards, including the Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award from the American Chemical Society and the ACS Award in Pure Chemistry from the New York section of the society in 1990. Tro has also written Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, also published by Wiley.

Overview About “Introductory Chemistry 5th Edition “

Over 16 million copies of Professor Tro’s Introductory Chemistry have been sold. Making it one of the most widely used textbooks in schools and colleges around the world. Published in a variety of formats to meet students’ needs, these innovative books cover all aspects of chemistry with an emphasis on problem-solving and real-world applications—helping students to make connections between what they are learning in class and how it can be applied outside of it.

Introductory Chemistry 5th Edition Chapter 1
Introductory Chemistry 5th Edition Chapter 1

Reviews About “Introductory Chemistry 5th Edition “

This book is amazing! I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short amount of time. Every concept was explained with such clarity that everything seemed to make perfect sense. Even though it was actually my first semester taking chemistry and I was really struggling at first. This is going to make all of my future learning more efficient. And if there were a sixth star, I would add it right here.

Introductory Chemistry 5th Edition Chapter 2
Introductory Chemistry 5th Edition Chapter 2

About “Nivaldo J. Tro” the Author

Dr. Nivaldo J. Tro graduated with honors from UCLA in 1980 with a BS in chemistry and continued on to complete his Ph.D. at Princeton University in 1984. He completed two postdoctoral stints, one at Cornell University and another at Arizona State University before moving to UNLV to become a full professor in 1992. Since that time, he has written several successful books as well as published over 40 scientific articles. All of which is based on his teaching experience. Those have been used internationally to teach non-science majors about various science concepts ranging from physics to quantum mechanics to general chemistry and even human evolution! His work has been recognized both nationally and internationally including multiple awards from UCLA and Princeton University for excellence in teaching both undergraduate level material as well as graduate level material!

Introductory Chemistry 5th Edition by Nivaldo J. Tro PDF Download

Click on the button given below to download the “Introductory Chemistry 5th Edition” book that is written by Nivaldo J. Tro in PDF. You can also download Organic Chemistry 9th Edition by “Leroy Wade, Jan Simek” in PDF Free.



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