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2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson PDF Download Free

Overview About “2312” by “Kim Stanley Robinson”

If you loved The Martian, you’ll love 2312. The Martian was a phenomenon in both literary fiction and science fiction. And it made me excited to read another novel by Andy Weir. Lucky for me, that novel was also a work of science fiction. A genre I’ve enjoyed since I first picked up Ender’s Game decades ago. But as my father is fond of saying, You can never go home again. While Weir tried his hand at another sci-fi novel with Artemis (which I haven’t read yet). He enlisted Kim Stanley Robinson to help bridge that gap between traditional sci-fi and something new—and (frankly) better.

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson Chapter 1
2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson Chapter 1

Reviews About “2312” by “Kim Stanley Robinson”

The latest novel from New York Times bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson. The novel is a richly imagined look at Earth’s far future that asks big questions about what it means to be human. Set more than six centuries in humanity’s future, 2312 starts with a drastic change to Earth’s orbit. The planet has shifted slightly, causing extreme weather events and massive displacement of populations. This radical shift serves as an analog for larger changes to come over the next six centuries. Which are connected through three generations of characters. Who live on two fictional planets and two moons in both our solar system and nearby star systems. Through these generations, readers see familiar issues. Such as gender politics, economics, climate change—reimagined with new forms of political and social organization.

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson Chapter 2
2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson Chapter 2

About “Kim Stanley Robinson” the author of “2312” 

Kim Stanley Robinson is an American science fiction writer who has twice won Hugo Awards, once for his Best Novel (Red Mars), and again for his Best Dramatic Presentation (The Long Earth, co-written with Stephen Baxter). Other major works include A Short, Sharp Shock, The Memory of Whiteness, Pacific Edge, and Forty Signs of Rain. His work has been nominated eleven times for the Nebula Awards. He won that award in 1987 with Green Mars. He was also a close runner-up on three other occasions. In addition to winning two Hugos and three Nebulas, he has also won Locus Awards in 1986 and 2007, as well as receiving several honorable mentions over his career.

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson PDF Download

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