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We Are Legion by Dennis E. Taylor PDF Download Free

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Bobiverse and the Mercy Thompson series comes an action-packed sci-fi thriller in which humanity faces its ultimate foe. Battling alien invaders across the galaxy, Captain John Andersen’s ship must return to Earth to protect his family and prevent the destruction of all life on our planet. The only problem? Earth doesn’t have a single space battle left in it. So it’s up to John and his ragtag crew of old friends, enemies, and rivals to lead the fight against the greatest force ever known . . . one last time.

Overview About “We Are Legion” by “Dennis E. Taylor”

In We Are Legion, a group of investors is made an offer they can’t refuse. Buy a struggling company and become fabulously wealthy or suffer excruciating financial harm. The catch? The company in question is not a software firm or tech startup, but rather its owner—one of them. In true sci-fi fashion, Taylor builds out his conceit one step at a time as he introduces concepts like relativistic space travel and time dilation. Each of which forces his characters to explore deeper philosophical questions about our place in the universe. But there’s also good old-fashioned space action and adventure as those trapped onboard struggle to survive while contending with sadistic captors.

We Are Legion by Dennis E. Taylor Chapter 1
We Are Legion by Dennis E. Taylor Chapter 1

Reviews About “We Are Legion” by “Dennis E. Taylor”

We Are Legion is a science fiction novel set in space. Which introduces an original and exciting vision of humanity’s future. I recommend it for fans of Daniel Suarez, or any readers looking for a very new and creative take on post-singularity humanity. We Are Legion is the first in a trilogy from American author Dennis E. Taylor who has also written some more traditional sci-fi. Silent War and A Princess of Mars – under another name (Dennis McDonald). The story opens after humans have already begun their exodus to other star systems. But with technology that seems laughably primitive compared to ours. Human explorers are limited to speeds only slightly faster than our conventional rockets. While colonists inhabit genetically engineered bodies on worlds with native populations. They can barely communicate with–let alone understand…

We Are Legion by Dennis E. Taylor Chapter 2
We Are Legion by Dennis E. Taylor Chapter 2

About “Dennis E. Taylor” the author of “We Are Legion” 

Dennis E. Taylor is a science fiction and fantasy author whose works include The Alchemy of Stone, Coyote Dreams, a collaborative novel with Kari Sperring, and Solder Boy Guitarist, a Young Adult novel forthcoming from DAW Books in April 2015 (under his name). He is also one of Tor’s cyberpunk muses, along with Bruce Sterling and Pat Cadigan, who contribute to helping define that field. Dennis lives in Kansas City, Missouri (the location for part of We Are Legion) with his wife Karen and cats Milton and Norton—all named after famous authors or characters for reasons you don’t need to know about unless you’re a fellow geek.

We Are Legion by Dennis E. Taylor PDF Download

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