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Dust World by B. V. Larson ePub Download Free

V. Larson was born in North Dakota in 1959, the oldest of five children of a rural mail carrier and his wife. He graduated from Moorhead State University in Minnesota in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. But has made his living as an artist (painter) since then while writing science fiction in his spare time. His first novel, Hunter’s Death, was published by Tor Books on March 26th, 2007. And his second novel, The Return, followed on August 13th of the same year.

Overview About “Dust World” by “B. V. Larson”

Dust World is a science fiction book that might be about a planet that has been left for dead and is barely hanging on to its natural resources. It follows Able, who was raised as an orphan and suffers from a degenerative disease himself. His life changes one day when he meets Soren, an older man who claims to know his father, but not much else about him or why he abandoned him in an orphanage. When Soren passes away suddenly, Able runs off to find more information on his past—and finds more than he bargained for when he discovers that Earth wasn’t destroyed after all…at least not yet.

Dust World by B. V. Larson Chapter 1
Dust World by B. V. Larson Chapter 1

Reviews About “Dust World” by “B. V. Larson”

The debut novel from pulp author B. V. Larson, Dust World is a no-holds-barred tale of war and survival, based on actual battles during our 20th century past. Far future space travelers returning to Earth thousands of years after humanity has left find a barren planet that’s been scorched to a radioactive husk by nuclear weapons used in several wars throughout history—the most recent being part of our own Cold War with Russia! A small band of survivors struggles to eke out an existence on the planet’s now-uninhabitable surface while trying to avoid detection by psychotic killer machines lurking deep underground; for what purpose?

Dust World by B. V. Larson Chapter 2
Dust World by B. V. Larson Chapter 2

About “B. V. Larson” the author of “Dust World”

Barry Victor B.V. Larson (born June 3, 1953) is an American science fiction author and illustrator from Minnesota best known for his military SF series featuring mercenary combat unit Starfist and its various protagonists. His books feature detailed descriptions of battles fought with high technology both in space and on planets, as well as conflicts between powerful interstellar empires. He is also known for drawing colorful futuristic battle scenes that look like movie storyboards.

Dust World by B. V. Larson ePub Download

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