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Life Loves You by Louise Hay ePub Download Free

You can change your life just by changing your attitude, or so says the popular Life Loves You book by Louise Hay. This book was written to help you learn how to change your perspective on how you see the world, and that can help to improve every area of your life from financial success to physical health to emotional happiness and more. Read on to find out more about this interesting book and get some ideas about how it can change your life for the better!

Overview About “Life Loves You” by  “Louise Hay”

Life loves you. Being happy means being loving, accepting, and forgiving. Be thankful for everything that happens to you because it’s all a gift from life. Ask yourself what you can give in return and do so with your whole heart and mind. Take 100% responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. Find a way to make amends with any person or persons who have hurt you in any way; find forgiveness if at all possible. Learn how to forgive others before they die; accept that sometimes forgiveness is not possible but acceptance is essential! Life loves you and wants only good things for you.

Life Loves You by Louise Hay Chapter 1
Life Loves You by Louise Hay Chapter 1

Reviews About “Life Loves You” by “Louise Hay”

It’s just as good (maybe better) than her other books because it’s mostly listed. Of course, she always ends with Love and blessings, but you know what I mean. If you’re on a spiritual path or want to be on one, read all of Louise Hay’s books. To me, it seems like everything will always go well if you love yourself and believe in God (or whatever your higher power is). And since most people have low self-esteem and are never content with their lives, they’re sending out negative energy that makes them feel worse (just a theory). They say misery loves company but it doesn’t; misery hates company because when someone else isn’t miserable they stand out more.

Life Loves You by Louise Hay Chapter 2
Life Loves You by Louise Hay Chapter 2

About “Louise Hay” the author of “Life Loves You”

Louise was a nurse before she became a metaphysical lecturer and teacher. This experience prepared her to work with many people who were often near death, and it was during these times that she discovered what illness is. Her findings are now presented in her book You Can Heal Your Life. As an author, Louise has written more than 30 books on self-help and spirituality and has created numerous audio programs and videos. She has been instrumental in motivating people to do positive affirmations for many years, especially through The Hay House Radio Show which is heard around the world each week. More from Wikipedia here.

Life Loves You by Louise Hay ePub Download

Click on the button given below to download the “Life Loves You” book that is written by Louise Hay in PDF. You can also download You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay in ePub Free.



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