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Gordis Epidemiology 6th Edition PDF Download Free

Purchasing guide to finding the best price on Gordis Epidemiology 6th Edition by Authors (David D Celentano ScD MHS, Moyses Szklo MD) at top online stores. This epidemiology textbook includes topics. Such as design, research methods, and statistical analysis of epidemiologic data, disease outbreaks, and social and occupational problems (13 chapters). Scroll down to read detailed information on Gordis Epidemiology 6th Edition price comparison at each online store. Happy reading!

Overview About “Gordis Epidemiology 6th Edition”

Gordis Epidemiology is an encyclopedic resource for epidemiologists, biostatisticians, public health practitioners, and advanced students. It includes a variety of new material on applied epidemiologic methods as well as more theory and fundamentals. Chapters include up-to-date discussions of how various tools are used in modern practice. Such as case-control studies with logistic regression models; multiple variables that each takes on three or more levels; longitudinal designs and analyses that take place after individuals develop the disease; complex survey designs; spatial analysis; time series and other time-related concepts; qualitative approaches for dealing with issues related to reporting of sensitive information about exposure status.

Gordis Epidemiology 6th Edition Chapter 1
Gordis Epidemiology 6th Edition Chapter 1

Reviews About “Gordis Epidemiology 6th Edition”

At last—an up-to-date textbook on epidemiology! This new edition provides a broad overview of key principles and methods in disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and control. It examines how epidemiologic techniques can be applied to practical public health problems in developing countries as well as developed ones. The book also details how to apply research results to environmental problem-solving. It’s an invaluable guide for anyone seeking to develop programs that will improve human health. Rebecca Winthrop, Program Director of Environmental Health at Harvard University’s School of Public Health A must-have text for anyone engaged in any aspect of public health practice or education.

Gordis Epidemiology 6th Edition Chapter 2
Gordis Epidemiology 6th Edition Chapter 2

About the Authors

David D Celentano ScD is Professor Emeritus of Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia University. He holds a B.A. in sociology from Rutgers University and a master’s and a doctorate in epidemiology from Yale University. His research interests include social inequalities and public health, especially as they relate to minority populations in urban areas and HIV/AIDS in gay men. Dr. Celentano has also served as Co-Director of Health Services Research at New York City’s Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control.

Gordis Epidemiology 6th Edition PDF Download

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