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The Reunion by Dan Walsh ePub Download Free

The Reunion by Dan Walsh pdf download free Dan Walsh is an American writer of over 35 novels. As well as short stories and non-fiction books, who lives in Rosemount, Minnesota with his wife, Sara, and sons, Matthew and Liam. He writes mostly Christian fiction that has sold millions of copies worldwide in many languages, including Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Indonesian.

Overview About “The Reunion” by “Dan Walsh”

For Adam, a former Marine and now an airline pilot, being a happily married father of two is everything he could want—until his sister tracks him down on his layover in Salt Lake City to tell him that their parents are getting divorced. Even worse, his dad has rekindled his relationship with an old girlfriend from his high school days. A woman who makes Adam’s mother look like an angel. The whole family is in shock over both bombshells. But it’s Adam who feels like he’s been sucker-punched as he watches what seems to be happening before his eyes: His wife slipping away from him, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

The Reunion by Dan Walsh Chapter 1
The Reunion by Dan Walsh Chapter 1

Reviews About “The Reunion” by “Dan Walsh”

Reviewers say that Dan Walsh is a master storyteller (Publishers Weekly) whose writing is vivid and compelling (Deseret News). The New York Times bestselling author weaves together two riveting stories in his latest novel, The Reunion. A part coming-of-age story, part family saga, with some contemporary history added for flavor, says one reviewer. Another concludes: Not only does [Walsh] entertain us with thought-provoking concepts and excellent storytelling; he also helps us find ourselves. He helps us believe that even when we can’t see past our present circumstances to a brighter future there’s still hope. For that reason alone we need more of his books!

The Reunion by Dan Walsh Chapter 2
The Reunion by Dan Walsh Chapter 2

About “Dan Walsh” the author of “The Reunion” 

He lives in West Virginia with his wife and five children. (If you live near him, he’d like to buy you a beer. If you don’t live near him, he’d still like to buy you a beer.) He enjoys football and watching stupid movies, but his favorite hobby is writing. When he’s not writing or parenting (which happens simultaneously), he can be found shooting stuff with his guns or building things out of wood and metal. His current goal is to fill his front yard with junk cars, rusty appliances, and mismatched bicycles. Someday soon … maybe… if no one asks too many questions about it… Also, just so we’re clear: every word of that bio was 100% true.

The Reunion by Dan Walsh ePub Download

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