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Stars Without Number: Revised Edition PDF Download Free

Ever wonder what it would be like to play an RPG without the restraints of an overarching plot, the limits of the imagination, or the threat of character death? Those are three things that Star Without Number: Revised Edition lets you do (character death may still happen, but that’s up to you). In this game, you have complete freedom to create your own universe as a sandbox setting in which to play out your sci-fi adventures. Just make sure that if your players take off on their own they don’t cause time paradoxes!

Overview About “Stars Without Number: Revised Edition”

The revised Stars Without Number has been in development for two years. And it is finally ready for its second edition! This new iteration of Stars Without Number includes detailed combat rules, exciting new content. And tools for sandbox-style adventures, as well as a slew of original monsters. The streamlined core rules mean you can spend less time worrying about crunchy mechanics. And more time creating stories rich with color and danger. Find out why thousands of players are already using Stars Without Number to craft exciting tales of their own!

Stars Without Number Revised Edition Chapter 1
Stars Without Number Revised Edition Chapter 1

Reviews About “Stars Without Number: Revised Edition”

Stars Without Number is a good buy. Not only is it inexpensive, but it’s also incredibly useful to both GMs and players alike. If you’ve got a Pathfinder campaign in your future, buy yourself a copy of Stars Without Number right now. I’ll give you two reasons why: 1) You will be able to make use of its content without paying any additional fees, and 2) at $9.99. It’s cheaper than buying individual pieces of software like Hero Lab or Fantasy Grounds (which really helps when you’re on a budget).

Stars Without Number Revised Edition Chapter 2
Stars Without Number Revised Edition Chapter 2

About “Kevin Crawford” the Author

Kevin Crawford is a game designer, publisher, and author of Stars Without Number, a sandbox space opera role-playing game. As an independent publisher, he has published and distributed titles. Such as Transhuman Space (Hc Svnt Dracones) 2nd edition and BRP Bootcamp 1st edition from his Posthuman Studios imprint. His work has been translated into Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. Kevin received a bachelor’s degree in music theory from Bowling Green State University and lives in Ohio with his wife Jennifer. She helps with Posthuman Studio’s administrative duties. Stars Without Number takes cues from Fate Core, one of their favorite games systems for rapid campaign development.

Stars Without Number: Revised Edition PDF Download

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