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You by Caroline Kepnes ePub Download Free

You by Caroline Kepnes tells the story of Joe Goldberg. He finds himself falling in love with his coworker and stalker, Guinevere Beck. As Joe falls deeper and deeper into Beck’s intense obsession with him. He realizes that there may be more to this beautiful woman than meets the eye. And that there may be more to his feelings than simple lust.

Overview About “You” by “Caroline Kepnes”

This book makes you realize about your life and it feels that I am reading my own story. It’s a thriller but it’s very romantic too. Joe, who follows Beck from city to city, stalks her every move. He is fascinated with her, he knows everything about her but he doesn’t know anything about himself until Beck starts taking care of him and teaches him how to be a better person. The writing style is gripping, real, and raw at times. I loved it! A must-read for everyone!

You by Caroline Kepnes Chapter 1
You by Caroline Kepnes Chapter 1

Reviews About “You” by “Caroline Kepnes”

You are a twisted page-turner written in a style I can only describe as a chat-room thriller – and I mean that in a good way. The novel reads like an Internet chat session, where You are interacting with another character known only as him – while simultaneously monitoring your comments and also trying to keep track of multiple people at once. A second attempt is made on Beck’s life, forcing Joe to act to save her. For several reasons (that are not spoilers), Joe can track down his doppelganger and confront him about what he has done. Now how does it end? It could go one of two ways, but both would be rather unexpected for such a twisted thriller.

You by Caroline Kepnes Chapter 2
You by Caroline Kepnes Chapter 2

About “Caroline Kepnes” the author of “You”

A native of Boston, MA, Caroline Kepnes grew up with three younger brothers and an over-protective mother. She attended NYU Film School for two years, then transferred to Hunter College to study fiction writing. She lives in Brooklyn and writes full-time. Her debut novel YOU was named one of Elle Magazine’s Best Books of 2014, was selected as one of Amazon’s Top 100 Editors’ Picks in 2014 and won several other awards including being named a Thriller Award Finalist by International Thriller Writers.

You by Caroline Kepnes epub Download

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