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Trust Exercise by Susan Choi ePub Download Free

A trust exercise, also known as partner exercise and partner work, has been used in therapeutic settings for many years. This process was first described by Dr. Carl Rogers in his book On Becoming a Person. It involves having two people sit opposite each other with their knees lightly touching and facing the same direction. Thereby creating the illusion of unity between them. By doing this exercise, each person expresses how he or she feels inside in an attempt to build confidence and trust towards one another, as well as themselves.

Overview About “Trust Exercise” by “Susan Choi”

Trust Exercise is a graphic novel that explores issues of race, relationships, and trust in today’s America. It is told through the eyes of Jisun. An only child whose mother has recently passed away and whose father (and best friend) has developed dementia. Although it features an adult narrator who questions her motivations and her past relationships with men, there are multiple times when she must ask herself if she knows why she acts how she does. She recalls how as a child living in Seoul under Japanese rule; her family and friends were arrested without cause or explanation by Japanese troops.

Trust Exercise by Susan Choi Page 1
Trust Exercise by Susan Choi Page 1

Reviews About “Trust Exercise” by “Susan Choi”

There is an exciting new novel from Susan Choi out today, and if you’re a fan of her short stories like Hey Lucky Star then you will be a fan of Trust Exercise. The story jumps around in time following Josephine Song on her path to becoming one of New York City’s top sociologists. With each shift in time, something changes in her life, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Though it can take some concentration to follow what happened when (you may want to keep track), it’s worth it as we delve into one woman’s ambition and how she got where she is now. This fast-paced tale will leave you both amused and slightly sad at times; pick up your copy today!

Trust Exercise by Susan Choi Page 2
Trust Exercise by Susan Choi Page 2

About “Susan Choi” by “Trust Exercise”

Today’s featured reading is Trust Exercise by Susan Choi. Born in 1968, she graduated from Yale and Columbia before beginning a career as a journalist. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, Harper’s Magazine, The Village Voice, Esquire, and Salon, among others. She is a 2005 recipient of an NEA Literature Fellowship for short fiction and her first collection of stories was published to wide acclaim in 2003: Trust Exercise. More recently, she was awarded a 2008 Guggenheim Fellowship for fiction writing. Her newest book of stories is titled A Person Alone.

Trust Exercise by Susan Choi ePub Download

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