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Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt PDF Download Free

Love is a complex word with many facets, yet its very simplicity means it can be easily dismissed. If you make love to mean romantic or sexual love, you may feel that this aspect of life is too problematic. And too transient to merit serious thought and attention. Or if you are in the throes of passion. You may see it as all that matters and nothing else does. But what about the love of friends and family members? What about the love of self? What about compassion and empathy?

Overview About “Why Love Matters” by “Sue Gerhardt”

An essential new book from one of our most trusted writers on love and relationships. Why Love Matters is an important and timely book that radically changes how we think about relationships. It could be seen as a primer for those who want to understand their relationships. OR as guidance for those beginning their own journey in love. Using her 30 years of experience as a relationship therapist, and drawing upon cutting-edge research. Award-winning author Sue Gerhardt takes us on a fascinating journey into what she calls the sacred heart of human relations. She shows that beneath everything we do with each other. Everything we seek, avoid, give away and hold back—there is love.

Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt Chapter 1
Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt Chapter 1

Review About “Why Love Matters” by “Sue Gerhardt”

If you want to love and be loved, Why Love Matters is a must-read. The author draws on groundbreaking scientific studies and anecdotal evidence to convincingly argue that humans are wired for connection; that it’s crucial to our survival as a species. She explains why healthy relationships are necessary for every aspect of our physical and mental well-being, from children’s development to dementia prevention. For example, science shows clearly that those with a loving partner live longer, have better health, and can even ward off Alzheimer’s disease more effectively than those without such social connections. So even if you don’t currently have someone in your life with whom you can connect deeply, reading Why Love Matters can help you develop tools for building connections once these opportunities arise.

Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt Chapter 2
Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt Chapter 2

About “Sue Gerhardt” the author of “Why Love Matters”

Susan is a researcher and psychotherapist. She is the author of The Selfish Society (in press) which looks at why things have gone wrong and proposes an answer – a paradigm shift in how we view people as social animals. She is also the author of The Joy of Frugality: Simple Strategies for Living Happier, Healthier, More Secure Lives. Sue contributes regularly to newspapers on psychology and current affairs including Mind Magazine, Observer New Review, Spectator Health section, and Daily Telegraph. She appears frequently on TV and radio both in Britain and America. Her most recent book for The Harvill Press is called Why Love Matters – it draws on decades of research in neuroscience.

Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt PDF Download

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