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Metropolitan Stories by Christine Coulson PDF Download Free

I met Christine Coulson on the CTA green line. When she was running late to catch her transfer at the Polk station in Chicago. I knew she was a writer, but it wasn’t until I read her novel, Metropolitan Stories. That I realized how talented she is. In this short story collection, Christine Coulson shares her unique insight into the human condition through richly detailed stories set in and around New York City’s five boroughs.

Overview About “Metropolitan Stories” by “Christine Coulson” 

In her book, Metropolitan Stories, American photographer and author, Christine Coulson explores metropolitan areas around North America with a camera. The result is a collection of photographs and stories from each city that are diverse in both looks and feel. Coulson has a unique perspective on a place that takes into account her history as well as photography’s role in representing it. In telling these stories she lends insight into how we experience space, remembering those details often forgotten over time. This presentation will explore her use of photography to tell these urban stories and illustrate what we can learn about our places through finding new ways to see them.

Metropolitan Stories by Christine Coulson Chapter 1
Metropolitan Stories by Christine Coulson Chapter 1

Reviews About  “Metropolitan Stories” by “Christine Coulson” 

This book was a page-turner from beginning to end. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. The stories contained in Metropolitan Stories were so much more than I had anticipated. They are very real and easily relatable for people who live in metropolitan areas all over the world. Whether you live in a big city or one of those smaller metropolitan areas such as Dallas or Atlanta. There is no doubt that you can find yourself in at least one of these short stories written by Christine Coulson. Each story feels like you have read about a person close to your own life who had shared their struggle with you through their writing. They feel authentic, interesting, and engaging. This book would be perfect for anyone who needs an uplifting read during their spare time!

Metropolitan Stories by Christine Coulson Chapter 2
Metropolitan Stories by Christine Coulson Chapter 2

About  “Christine Coulson” the author of “Metropolitan Stories”

Christine Coulson is a writer and mother of two. She tries to live her best life and create her best art. She lives in upstate New York with her family, where she fills her days with cooking, writing, and working at one of her favorite nonprofits. When she isn’t busy making art or working, you can find her reading all kinds of literature or watching Fresh Prince reruns.

Metropolitan Stories by Christine Coulson PDF Download

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