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Gathering Prey by John Sandford PDF Download Free

Former Minneapolis police officer Lucas Davenport just can’t stay out of trouble, no matter how hard he tries. When he arrives at the scene of an apparent suicide in the forest, Davenport notices something strange about the scene. None of the usual signs of suicide are present and there’s blood under the victim’s fingernails. Which would make sense if it were murder but doesn’t quite fit with the circumstances.

Overview About “Gathering Prey” by “John Sandford”

Gathering Prey is a novel written by John Sandford. This is book number 22 in his famous crime series featuring detective Lucas Davenport. The story takes place in Minnesota with Davenport leading a police task force to capture and arrest a group of known criminals called The Crew. Their heists have been beyond ingenious–and almost impossible to solve. But everything changes when they steal something that doesn’t belong to them…and kill an innocent woman in cold blood. Lucas will stop at nothing to get his hands on these criminals because they crossed him once; they won’t do it again.

Gathering Prey by John Sandford Chapter 1
Gathering Prey by John Sandford Chapter 1

Reviews About “Gathering Prey” by “John Sandford”

I was very impressed with Gathering Prey. The storyline drew me in immediately. I wasn’t sure if I would like Lucas Davenport as a detective, but he turned out to be my favorite character. I don’t remember many of these characters from previous books, so it was great to get to know them better in Prey. The descriptions were amazing, and you felt like you were part of it all. This is one novel that will keep you guessing until the end!

Gathering Prey by John Sandford Chapter 2
Gathering Prey by John Sandford Chapter 2

About  “John Sandford” the author of “Gathering Prey”

John Sandford is an American crime novelist. He is best known for his series of books featuring Detective Lucas Davenport and is widely regarded as one of America’s most popular crime writers. The Prey novels are known for their detailed plotlines, crisp dialogue, and convincing characters. They cover a wide range of genres, including murder mysteries, thrillers, kidnapping stories, and police procedurals. His fictional villains often have colorful names like The Cajun, Nathan Minnesota, or Casanova. The author was born in 1934 in Lakewood, Ohio to parents who moved frequently around Ohio as well as New York City and Minneapolis.

Gathering Prey by John Sandford PDF Download

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