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Electric Circuits 10th Edition PDF Download Free

The 10th edition of James W. Nilsson and Susan Riedel’s Electric Circuits provides comprehensive coverage of the material you need to understand circuit behavior, design and analyze circuits, build electronic equipment, and use electronic devices in practical applications. The text offers clear and accessible coverage of basic circuit principles. Such as Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws, resistors in series and parallel, capacitors in series and parallel, inductors in series and parallel, voltage sources, current sources, power supplies, transformers, digital logic gates, flip-flops, and more!

Overview About “Electric Circuits 10th Edition”

The Tenth Edition of Electric Circuits takes a different approach to teach introductory electrical and electronics concepts than most textbooks do. This edition uses a one-semester, block-scheduling format that is ideal for students. They take only one semester of circuits in high school or in college. The presentation emphasizes basic circuit laws while covering all topics necessary for eventual success in upper-level courses or careers in electrical engineering or information technology. In addition to examining classical dc and ac circuit analysis techniques with resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, and voltage sources, chapter openers include current events that relate to science research and technology trends.

Electric Circuits 10th Edition Chapter 1
Electric Circuits 10th Edition Chapter 1

Reviews About “Electric Circuits 10th Edition”

This book has been designed to provide a concise and cohesive introduction to electric circuits for students in engineering technology programs. And it is appropriate for introductory courses at two-year colleges or technical schools that emphasize laboratory work. This book retains all of the most useful features of earlier editions, including an emphasis on basic concepts and practical applications. Circuit configuration with resistors; voltage sources and resistive circuits; magnetic fields from current flow; inductance with alternating current (AC); mutual inductance from AC circuit configurations; transformers and alternating-current circuits in series, parallel, and star configurations; RL-, RC-, RLC-circuits using complex algebraic expressions. That does not require the manipulation of phasor diagrams or trigonometric functions to obtain solutions to circuit equations.

Electric Circuits 10th Edition Chapter 2
Electric Circuits 10th Edition Chapter 2

About “James W. Nilsson, Susan Riedel” the Authors

James W. Nilsson is a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University and an authority on semiconductor devices. As well as a recipient of several teaching awards from Stanford University. Susan A. Riedel received her Ph.D. in Materials Science from Yale University. And she has held professorships at Princeton University and Stanford University. Where she taught for over thirty years until her retirement in 2009. In addition to being an experienced educator, Dr. Riedel is also an accomplished researcher who has published extensively in materials science journals related to solid-state physics and high-temperature superconductivity.

Electric Circuits 10th Edition PDF Download

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