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C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition PDF Download Free

C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition by Stephen Prata teaches readers about the latest version of C++ language and some of its major libraries. This book will be especially useful to people. They are already familiar with the basics of programming in C++. But it also includes sections that provide an introduction to the language, along with practical exercises and examples to help illustrate how C++ works in real-world settings. If you want to learn more about C++11, this book is the perfect place to start.

Overview About “C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition”

C++ Primer Plus is a proven bestseller with over 55,000 copies sold. The new edition of C++ Primer Plus brings you up to speed on what’s new in C++11, provides a more modern approach to C++ fundamentals, and thoroughly covers modern C++ programming styles. Completely updated for new standards and code styles. This book incorporates all of the major changes from both international standardization efforts (namely C11 ISO/IEC 9899:2011 and C++11 ISO/IEC 14882:2011) as well as key changes from popular compilers (namely Visual Studio 2012). It discusses not only syntax. But also how to use C++ effectively for building larger programs.

C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition Chapter 1
C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition Chapter 1

Reviews About “C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition”

This book is an excellent resource for learning C++ and is a core text for several university programming courses. This book provides an introduction to modern object-oriented programming in one of its most widespread languages, C++. It assumes no prior knowledge of programming and is therefore suitable as a textbook for both self-study and classroom use; it contains exercises and over 2,000 lines of working example code to help develop skills and understanding. The new edition has been thoroughly updated throughout including coverage of important recent developments. Such as C++11, modules, lambda expressions, and rvalue references.

C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition Chapter 2
C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition Chapter 2

About “Stephen Prata” the Author

Stephen Prata is a lecturer at Portland State University. He was formerly associated with Klamath Community College and Humboldt State University. Mr. Prata teaches C++ programming to beginning students as well as high-level data structures and software engineering for more advanced students. His articles on programming topics have appeared in various magazines, including JavaPro, Net Professional, and Sys Admin. Mr. Prata holds an MSEE from Virginia Tech, a BSEE from Michigan Technological University, and a BA in physics from Hobart College.

C++ Primer Plus 6th Edition PDF Download

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