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The One by John Marrs ePub Download Free

John Marrs has done it again! He’s written another thrilling, terrifying novel that will keep you up all night reading. The One takes place shortly when much of the world has been destroyed by war, disease, and famine. The survivors are scattered across the globe, struggling to make sense of this desolate new reality and find a way to continue living in it. This story focuses on four main characters who have one thing in common—they’re each looking for the one who will make their life worth living again.

Overview About “The One” by “John Marrs”

At 26 years old, Cecilia has already been through a traumatic and abusive relationship. However, she still believes in love and when she meets Jacob at a party, her interest is immediately piqued. He is charming and instantly smitten with her; everything about their courtship seems picture perfect. It’s not long before they are married, but as time passes things start to shift. After only six months of marriage, Cecilia begins to realize that something is very wrong with her husband—things have drastically changed since they started dating. He becomes increasingly jealous of his wife’s independence and it isn’t long before he begins to show his true colors: controlling, abusive and an all-around monster of a human being.

The One by John Marrs Chapter 1
The One by John Marrs Chapter 1

Reviews About “The One” by “John Marrs”

You know that rare book which is unputdownable, with a story that is original and fantastic, characters you love and loathe in equal measure (in fact sometimes you love to hate them) and a world so brilliantly created you don’t want it to end? Well, The One by John Marrs is just such a book. A chilling edge of your seat read from beginning to end, I guarantee you won’t be able to stop reading. Just make sure you have time as once begun it will take every second of your day!

The One by John Marrs Chapter 2
The One by John Marrs Chapter 2

About  “John Marrs” the author of  “The One”

John Marrs is an English writer, author, and screenwriter born in Birmingham, England. He has written two novels called The One and Killing Carla. Both of these books were bestsellers within weeks of release. His latest novel The One has sold over 500 000 copies in its first month alone and still selling strongly today.

The One by John Marrs ePub Download

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