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Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson PDF Download Free

Peter Swanson’s latest novel, Before She Knew Him, has all the hallmarks of his books that have made him one of the most popular thriller writers in the business today. As in The Kind Worth Killing and Her Every Fear. Swanson once again deftly writes about a complicated relationship between two people. Here that relationship is between Dara and Peter, who meet through Craigslist when Dara hires Peter to do some work on her house. The problem? The two are married to other people. But only Dara knows that.

Overview About “Before She Knew Him” by “Peter Swanson”

Every girl has a secret, and in Sara’s case, it’s that she killed her ex-boyfriend. Leaving his body in her apartment was never meant to be permanent. But even after she buries it deep in a forest fifty miles away. He continues to haunt her. Jumping from job to job and city to city, Sara is unable or unwilling to form any sort of attachment with anyone who could put her in danger. But when one of these jobs brings her back home to Oregon. Where she already knows one man. He wants nothing more than for Sara’s secrets to staying buried—things start getting complicated.

Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson Chapter 1
Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson Chapter 1

Reviews About “Before She Knew Him” by “Peter Swanson”

Before She Knew Him was probably one of my favorite psychological thrillers that I have read recently. And it has made me a new fan of Swanson. His writing is meticulous, and his word choice is as beautiful as it is precise. The twists and turns in Before She Knew Him kept me guessing until practically the very end. So if you like being shocked you’ll love it too. The only real problem I had with it was that I could see quite a few holes in its execution (I won’t say what because of spoilers!), but overall it was an incredibly good book and I highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself!

Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson Chapter 2
Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson Chapter 2

About  “Peter Swanson” the author of “Before She Knew Him”

New York Times bestselling author of Her Every Fear and The Kind Worth Killing. He has published over a dozen short stories in magazines like Esquire, Harper’s, Playboy, Ploughshares, Zoetrope: All-Story, and O. Henry Prize Stories 2015. His work has also been anthologized in various collections including Robert B. Parker’s Murder By Mojo (2012) and PEN America Presents The Story (2014). Born in Maine but raised on Long Island, he now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter. Before she knew him was his first novel published by Penguin Random House imprint Doubleday Book Club after being acquired from Kathy Robbins at Aevitas Creative Management.

Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson PDF Download

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